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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on October 19, 2017, at 18:52:52

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on September 28, 2017, at 15:06:45

So, this place I'm living. I'm finding it really rather Nasty, here. And (me being me) reflecting a lot on that... And on what is wrong with me that I'm finding it to be so very Nasty whereas other people in the community, here, seem to be revelling in it, somewhat...


I applied to Knox - because I thought it seemed to have a strong academic focus. I was informed that I might be happier here, since I expressed preference for my own bathroom...

So I took a look on their reccommendation.

I was told by the head of the hall that the filth would be cleaned out properly prior to the start of the academic year.

I asked the head of the hall specifically about the school just over the fence. About whether there was much noise from that, because that would bother me, quite a lot. I was told that it was nothing, really, just the sound of happy kids playing.

I was told by the head of the hall that I could move in on x date. That there would be someone here, to let me in.


I arrive on x date... Making multiple trips, actually. Took around 6 trips on the bus to cart all my stuff. There was nobody here to let me in. I tried to contact the head of the hall - but he chose to ignore me since he was on some day trip and was out of town, already.

So my stuff was out in the open over night. I was lucky to arrange with my previous landlord to stay an extra night. I needed to pay an extra night accommodation.

I was offered no apology by the head of the hall, here.

The kitchen etc was really very filthy, indeed. I cleaned it all out because I don't like to live in filth, generally, and I really don't like to live in other people's filth. I swept up parts of outside, around my motorcycle. I swept cobwebs off the sides of buildings etc.

Then the kids start moving in, here... And it's still filthy. Filth on indoor walls and laundry rooms that haven't been cleaned out in several years. Socks and underwear strewn about the place. Balls of dust. The bikeshed that looked to be filled with this thick furry mold - carcinogenic mould? I half-heartedly tried to sweep it and my respiratory system did not approve... I think it needed to be dampened down with water, or something, and face masks applied to get to cleaning it...

And none of this was done, at all.

The kids over the fence... It isn't the sound of happy kids playing at morning tea and afternoon tea time. It's the sound of abused kids screaming their rage and their pain from about 8:30am through to the sound of drum practice after school and then the sound of balls and skateboards slamming through into the late evening. There is construction work, too, because you wouldn't plan for construction work to be done outside term time, clearly, you would be sure to schedule it at it's most disruptive. Starting around 7 or 7:30 am. Of course.

And then it turns out that it's not just me being supersensitive because Work Income here looked sheepish about how they know quite a lot of those kids are really very unhappy. And the head of the hall, here, actually looked rather sheepish when I said I wasn't coping so well with their screaming 'Yeah, I know, but there isn't anything we can do about that'.

But of course he could have not lied to me when I asked specifically about it prior to moving in.

How am I supposed to feel about this?

I feel... Like this is a Nasty sh*t hole of a place, honestly. I feel... Psychopathic towards these people. These people who showed no basic consideration or honesty towards me, at all.

They get students here doing chores about the place as punishment. One of the Maaori boys was sentanced to cleaning out the black mould out of the bike shed.

I mean, how am I supposed to feel about all this - honestly?

I think... They don't care... Because there is a new lot of trash people for next year... And for the year after and for the year after that... There is no point looking after what we've got properly when there is so much shiny new trash to treat like trash because we just love to treat people like trash and revel in the trash.

I just don't get it.

I really need to move away from here.

I just need to be *allowed* to look after myself. Apparently they are changing the hippocratic oath, or something... It's a real culture of bullies, down here, everyone must live like the Nastiest. It's just awful.

People choose to live like this. The head of the hall chooses not to do any cleaning himself. The head of the hall chooses not to check whether the cleaners have done the tasks they've been allocated. The head of the hall chooses not to view security footage and hold people accountable for vomiting in the hallways and breaking the glass. The head of the hall chooses not to take the school to task for letting the kids out of their classrooms to scream all day in the yard making a menace for the whole community. Which means the school doesn't have the communities support in convincing the government that something needs to be done about / for these kids. He likes it, clearly. Revels in it, or something.

It's f*ck*ng awful, here.

I don't understand how I could continue to live here... And not turn into a psychopath. I mean... They didn't treat me with any basic consideration or honesty at all.

Why do people talk when sh*t just falls out of their mouths, constantly.

I have nothing to say to them.... THey don't actually listen to a word I say, anyway 'that's just Alex complaining agian. She's being so unreasonable'.

Yeah. It must be me. There's something wrong with me.

F*ck*ng awful people.

I think the Swans have Seen me. Either they have... And I manage to get scholarships to live someplace where I am *allowed* to look after myself - away from the nasty bully people who have nothing to lose who have nothing better to do than to make things equally nasty for everyone around them... Or I apply for scholarships to live in a different country. I mean, one things for sure, I can't stay here, in living conditions like this.

I'm starting to think things like 'just f*ck*ng put them out of their misery, already'. I see how you build psychopath after psychopath after psychopath... It's f*ck*ng horrible, here.




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