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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2017, at 3:40:50

In reply to Re: politics alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on October 23, 2017, at 1:16:09

> Is she a member of the Green Party?

No, she is a member of the Labor Party. For the working class...

The Green Party is a little bit too extreme to get a significant majority.

Dairy exports are central for our economy - but methane emissions from cows produce significant greenhouse gas emissions and the nitrogen fertilisers from farming are killing rivers and lakes from algae blooms...

NZ really isn't the clean, green country it has marketed itself as being...

Labour does want to do something about this... But it's tricky because of the central role of farming in our economy. We've been... Literally focused on trying to feed all the babies in China...

We need to develop clean and green... But that relies on quite a lot of high tech expertise. High tech expertise isn't something that we do particularly well at. I mean... If there were a way to harvest the methane for biofuels...

It's next to impossible to get something good up off the ground here, I find. I think it is a kind of greed... There is the slippery slope of 'just one more, just one more, just that little bit more' until the whole thing is ruined. Whether it be teaching a small group a valuable skill or... Anything at all, really. As soon as people see you've got something that looks to be on the up... It gets ruined, pretty quick. Or brought out. Brought out and undermined so we revert to the way things were before...

I think...

I think that political expertise is (yet another) area in which things are looking a little scarce...

Things are going to take a turn for the worse, here.

The economy will take a hit as we stop doing some of the dodgey deals we've been doing (contaminating milk powder for increased profits, shipping live sheep to the middle east)...

Then the people who have invested in rental property... Their investment will take a hit as we start to improve our tenancy laws so landlords are required to provide habitable houses. As more houses are built and people are helped into owning their own homes.

These things (things such as these) need to happen... But National doesn't want to be the one to do it / the one in power while it's done. It's their voters who will be taking the biggest hit because it's their voters who have profited the most from these sorts of things...

It has to be labor to do it. That's the game of politics, I guess. It simply has to be done on labours watch.

And Winston Peters as deputy. So... When the chicky babe runs the economy to the ground because of her bleeding heart trying to help the working poor... Well... The stern grandfatherly type can step in, if needed, and reassure conservative NZ that everything will be okay...

And it's time to see about closing our borders and... Looking after NZ(ers) First. As he's been saying for... Most of my life, actually.

Funny how he's grown on me, over the years.

I think I should stay away from politics, really. I... Could have pursued law. And / or political philosophy. I could have tried harder to get a policy advisor sort of a position in the capital (I half heartedly pursued it - but you really need to persist for around a year before something comes through and I got tired of it / heart wasn't really in it after around 3 months).

> A survey in the US. 35% or so of millennials would be open to some form of military government. I'm trying to make sense of this factoid. Increasingly I don't recognize the country I live in. That's not a misanthropic view, but more that I'm getting older and feeling a bit let down.

What does 'military government' mean? I don't really know...

Over here... I see quite a lot of disaffected youth. Kids who would really like to be doing something useful, but nobody will teach them how to do anything useful. It's hard because a lot of them... Their parents haven't taught them basic things like to be quiet and listen when someone is trying to teach you. It's also hard because a lot of them... The people employed to teach them haven't actually had anything worth listening to... So...

And then you see footage of something happening in China... And you see rows of people. I mean, so many freaking people. Being orderly. Being quiet. Not bouncing off each other. Walking in step.

And you get to thinking... I don't see how living amongst the screaming rabble constitutes freedom in any meaningful sense.

Not sure if that's related.




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