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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2017, at 19:03:26

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2017, at 18:46:51

And this year is supposed to be particularly horrid because it's the tagging and sorting year.

This is the year the kids get tagged and sorted.

People doing the HSFY curriculum have comperable access to course materials and so on and so forth and you see how they do...

And all the information you get...

I mean... If you really cared to...

You could take a look at what they have on their phone (the pictures they took) and what their friends have on their phone (the pictures they took). You could take a look at how they conduct themselves in the meal cues. You could take a look at what they put on their plate. You could take a look at whether they steal the girls underwear from the laundry room or whether they look after their socks. You could take a look whether they throw up on the hallway or are responsible for breaking the glass. Whether they own up if they think that people don't view the security footage.

There is an awful lot you could learn about a person.

You could see how many hours they spend studying (if you equate studying with streaming online lectures or filling in online activity forms or hours they have online textbooks open). There is a risk they might walk away from their screen and do something else so you can automate logout after 5 minutes of no activity...

You could (in theory) use all this information for good. To decide which students to invest in. To decide which students are worth teaching.

Or not, of course.

You could just hand all this data over to overseas interests...

You could figure which of the biggest bullies to hire to stand outside work and income. I mean... How much of a bully do you need to be before the people learn not to ask for help?

That's the way things have gone here.

And then... And then you get to go 'they must enjoy being bullied / brutalised or they wouldn't present for help'. They deserve what they get, you see.

I refuse to stay in this country if I can't have control over my own health care. I mean... That's the line, anyway. Well well well stay home and at least everyone has equitable access to the internet. Look after yourself and so on. Well, then, I'll be needing the information so that I can do just that. I don't think they like to tell us that actually they are taking that information away from us, as well... It's all advertising over here... You know how it goes. This infant formula is healthy and only eat foods that paid $5,000 for the health heart tick and so on...

Some things money can't buy... My experience with ACC over here is that money doesn't buy you healthcare, either. It might buy you pretty receptionists and potted plants but it doesn't buy you competent health professionals...

This year gets me down because it doesn't feel like it's only 1 year. I mean... My year at auckland was supposed to be only 1 year... And so on... I'm wasting my life in the rubbish, it feels like. This horrible horrible country with the horrible horrible people. And the horrible horrible internet now too.

There is no respite from the awful bullies who are too stupid to see the damage they do.





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