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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on July 29, 2017, at 18:15:17

In reply to politics, posted by alexandra_k on July 29, 2017, at 17:28:04

We don't really have Medicine anymore, I guess that's the thing. If we even did... Perhaps it always was a bit of a dream... I guess the thing is that you sort of have to make do with what you have got. The best you could get.

Apparently we need more GP's. Because apparently people have trouble accessing GP's. Mostly because even though we have a public health system you have to pay to see a GP. So people would rather present to the ER than go to their GP. Also, GP's tend to be 9-5 and they charge still more for after hours. But most people work so they tend to want to be seen by a doctor (preferably a free doctor) outside working hours.

So... Lets see... We need more GP's to work for free in communities on a 24/7 sort of a call schedule.

And what kids of communities want these GP's? Oh, the communities where people live in overcrowded leaky houses. The solo parent households. The commuities where people are not very educated and are fairly poor. The communities where people are sick largely because they eat sh*t, don't perform basic hygine, and they don't / won't keep their body secretions off each other.

Who wants to live right in there with them?

I think it was a couple years ago that I read in the paper that Australia was looking at withdrawing social services from some Aboriginal Communities in the Northern Territory. Most people over here went 'that's racist!!' in that intelligent way that they do, but I got to thinking... What are you supposed to do? You send in doctors and teachers... And they are supposed to live where? In the same toxic environment as the sick people? Or perhaps they get a nicer house. Perhaps there is a little security such that people are somehow made to not grope / paw at / bump into / sexually assault them when they put in public appearances... Then certain people in the community get angry that it isn't fair that these people have a privaledged way of life of relative affluence... They would rather these people go away...

And if there are some little kids there with eyes that orient to the teacher (rather than constantly scanning their peers)... Who are able to follow a pointed finger to target rather than oggling the face... Who are able to comprehend and follow a simple instruction said only once (who have the working memory and the processing and behavioural capacity) well... What are you going to do? Something something about stolen generation.

Anyway... Apparently the solution has been to increase the number of Medical Places in the Medical Schools so there will be a glut of graduates. And then basically as people graduate they apply for jobs... And they see what they get. And some people basically have the choice of working in these communities or not getting jobs as doctors at all.

Anyway, apparently measures that have been taken in that direction haven't been enough... They are now talking about opening up a whole new school that is designed to churn out graduates for these communities. Dropping the basic science background. Basically offering... The same level of education as a nursing degree (in Australia or the US) where those 'doctors' are destined for rural communities.

I don't know what to say. I guess the idea is to take the person who is acceptable to the community and then train them as best you can and what they then go on to do in the community is probably better than there not being such a person in that community. And, sure, call them 'doctor' and then the people can't complain they don't have doctors in their community.

We can worry about the next thing (the quality of doctors)... I don't know... However many elections later, I guess.

And of course the universities can charge the prices they always charged on their medical degrees. And if it turns out that there aren't medical jobs for all the medical graduates then that's okay. They can go home and live with their parents after graduation and so their community still ends up with a doctor - see?

I feel kinda sick.

Why are most people so awful?

Actually... Pehaps the thing to do is to open a med school where that is the cohort. Where the situation is upfront from the start.

Rather than people thinking they have a chance at training to be a doctor in something like the traditional sense of doctor. Where, uh, the world has seen significant medical advances over the last 150 years...

It just upsets me that there are kids who nobody wants but to abuse. And these kids suffer a lot. And people enjoy seeing them suffer, I guess. And won't let them get out if it means they won't suffer so much if they get out. There are so very many truly horrible people in this world who should never be allowed to have control over anything / anyone with a capacity to suffer. Why are so very many of these people in charge? Why are so very many of these people selected to be in positions of power? It isn't a matter of 'least of evils' because nicer people do come along - but don't get a look in.


Here is an interesting social experiment:

What would NZ be like if the indigenous people were managed at 50% of the population? You can do that - right - because people are pretty controllable on when they have kids / on how many kids they have. Still going through the demographic and epidemiological transition... They are having more babies and less of them are dying... Then we could work on managing inequities so that the life expectancy of Maaori is the same as that of non-Maaori. And so on. We could make that the entire agenda for the country.

That's not racist, apparently. That's required. That's what the Treaty means. Or something.

It kind of does involve a whole bunch of biding your time (invest in shares accordingly) while things play out over the next 150 years or so...

Cast your spores to the wind, people...




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