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Re: government employees

Posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2018, at 2:31:18

In reply to government employees, posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2018, at 2:19:37

and so I write a thesis.

Don't you have government analysts on, like $90,000 a year to do that? A bunch on $50,000 a year? How many cocktails do you need to serve to how many people to get a government report written? A team of how many?

And I pay fees. And I get myself into debt for the 'privalege' of writing a thesis. I pay them to write it - they don't pay me.

Why should I, again?

So I can live in a house where they only way I can afford to make it habitable is to be 'disabled'. Without 'disability' to purchase things like really expensive compression gear, and to purchase really frequent doctors visits (where i can divert that money into paying a $75 powerbill to keep 1/2 the house within WHO standards on temperature)... Oh, but now I feel guilty because I've been lying about the money I needed to heat my home. And many people in the world live with no heating and no food and who do I think I am???

ANd would I like to go out with mjy government friends and have $25 cocktails?

Actually, I just wanted to study medicine. To help people.

But they really want the 4 generations of pissing on the world to piss on them. Or something.

I don't understand it. I... Don't want to understand it, I guess.

The idea is to take up an extreme hobby. There is a lot of that about. When people don't have meaningful employment that makes use of their skills and abilities they are supposed to live for their free time. Yeah. So you have all the gadgets the expensive bicycles and so on. You want sports to cost a bunch of money to give peole reason to do their meaningless jobs...

But, really, all that energy and effort that can't get the people into non-leaky houses.

But that's what GDP is about. How much the politicians in this country and given to distribute to the people.

And then you see the choices they make...

Here has traditionally been quite far away. I think it is today because now people don't even live here. They just fly in and out. The government workers, and the like. I don't mean like Canberra, they fly in to do business. I mean they really don't have to be here to do business very mjuch at all. So mostly they aren't here. That's what is wrong with here. All the things that would have been prevented if anyone with power was here to have had sufficient control over their own local environment.

There are tiny little pockets... But so very tiny...

But when people don't identify... Work with... What they've got then, whatever.


I hate this. I hate writing philosophy. I was done with that.

Travelled around and seen just how f*ck*ng sh*t this country is. But those with power like it this way. Well, they bitch and moan about how we aren't as good as most other places. But they aren't willing to make this one better (only to accumulate resources for their exit strategy). So... There it is.




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