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Re: four year degrees

Posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 6:44:13

In reply to four year degrees, posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 6:19:41

and it's about graduate entry, across the board.

i mean, we have the cheapest medical degree education in the english speaking developed world. from the world bank thing with the exchange rate.

and... our graduates are eligable for registration in australia. and, i don't know if you know, but Australia has been doing pretty well in the intentional front, lately.

so we are a destination for wealthy (but not that wealthy) investors. a back door to autralia. and internatonal students pay, like, three times the fees of local students. and, apparently, those international student fees help to cover the cost of providing an education to local students. something like one international student helps fund 3 or 4 local student places, or something like that.

you would think... actually, i would think, that the least we can do, if we are going to take their money, is to give them a fair shot at things. blind grade their work, at least, so they aren't given a worse grade on tbe basis of their name, or whatever. have differnet people involved in grading their work so they are less likely to fall foul of one particular person who decides they don't like their face, or whatever.

i mean, considerable research has been done on all this stuff... but really, the real protection in the US was the highly developed laws that provided an incentive for the university to be able to stand up in a court of law and honestly say 'these are the things we did to ensure that people were not unfairly discriminated agaist on the basis of race or gender or whatever'.

you really have to *make* people. because they just won't do the right thing if they are left to their own devices. what the f*ck is up with that?

anyway... you would think that is the least we could do. i mean... we profit from their money. they profit from... a fair and equitable chance at succeeding in their project. i would have thought. that is the mutually beneficial idea. we genuinely try and educate all our students as best we can and the best of them go on and out in the world. remember back that this university did the best they could by the students and it gets a good... honest... reputation.

but that's not what's happened. people profiteered and fled.

they decided to exploit the system for their own benefit and advantage rather than trying to genuinely grow it for the good of us all.

i don't see another way to see that.

we intentionally scammed out foreign investors. we weren't out for mutual benefit, at all. genuine collaboration.

we pick the kids for medical school after one year at university. and that one year at university has curriculum that overlaps significantly with the higher 2 levels of secondary school. it's that secondary school curruculum that money buys. becaue of the difference it makes to taht first year curriculum. and then its volume packed so you don't have time to be wasting... and then yo uadd to that all the things that are designed solely to waste peoples time.

so some people live in the hall with the other people who have been selected... and academics is a priority.

and other poeple live in teh hall where they are forced to be 'social' with people who are 'socially focused' and so on. where there is no quiet place to study. and we sell this as 'culturally appropriate' and 'equitable' no less.

then, after that one year the med kids are out, already. so the rest of the kids need to settle into their second choice. which might be dentistry. physiotherapy. pharmacy. pharmacology. or some kind of science degree.

then in second year you discover that the 'standard taught curriculum' in any sense is mostly gone. you aren't working hard on a body of established knowledge that has been well understood by your lecturers, anymore. you are dealing with the more scattered of the teachers. some of whom fail to understand chunks of the taught content. some of whom have given up trying ot explain it in favor of teaching ehir own research. already. then third year... is when particular people have control over the distribution of grades and there is no attempt whatsoever for blind grading.

and that's it. that's our education system.

don't get me wrong, i know the content of medicine isn't all that. we are deprived by australian standards. instead of our people having the capacity and will to get onside with the teachign cases and so on that have been developed we try and carve out our own way of half understood and our own way only for our students not to do so well on the australian assessments.

and partly we are doing the best that we can. i do see that...

but then that's what's so sad.

is how much better we could do / could have done / would do if we go tmore serious about selecting those with capacity.

only they think if they do that, they'll just split and run. and that's ture, because we don't treat the ones we've picked for success well, either.

but, yeah, in the medical degree program you have such delights as 'electives' which involves the most expensive arts course you ever paid for (well, someone did) with sugh delights as bioethicists teachign english literature.

just in case anybody was thinking of dropping out and fleeing to the arts...

i don't understand why we don't have a 4 year degree program with lower and upper level courses and then inveset in making them good properly becaues we actually care about the growth and development of the university and want our kids to experience good things in a broad range of subjects to see what they want to devote their lives towards pursuing. and make medicine and law and so on graduate entry programs. once we've had a chance to get to know and properly assess and proprerly educate a bit more...

instead of it being a race to magic out and away your nepotistic interest. DESPITE their obviosu incapacity (i mean how stupid does your progeny need to be for ALL THAT to have to go into their selection)?


Australia is spitting them back because we keep throwing them unsuitables. You can surround them with the dumbest kids you can find to try and make them look better.... Try and force Australia to pick and train your own in teh name of equity...

But damn is things really couldn't get much worse than what you've mad ethem.

well done university committees.

better luck next generation




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