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Re: equality vs equity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 5:01:51

In reply to Re: equality vs equity, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2018, at 22:36:49

well, looks like i'm outta here.

i couldn't get my application before the committee. because one or two people are set up to take the hit for the committee, i guess.

i suspect it is about the nepotism. i don't know of a medical doctors kid who wanted to do medicine not getting to do it. i don't mean where the parents use theier own equity or borrow against their own equity to fund a place for their kid... i mean a place where their kid takes one of the 'publically funded' places. or, when their kid fails to be objectively ranked for one of those, their kids gets a 'we have the discretion to do whatever we want' over-ride for one of the government funded 'equity' places.

they got a bit too cocky about it with the whole 'rural origins' thing. i guess... people want it to stop?

but people have kids... hungry mouths to feed... and nagging wives who will not have sex with them if they don't get their kid in. and, really, is your primary duty to your family or to all those... poor... disabled... minority kids. i mean... they are the 'elite' of their minority group and it's not like they wouldn't similarly screw you over to serve their own interests if they had opportunity...

and the stories we find it convenient to tell ourselves.

i guess all i can do here is hopefully have some sort of impact to help things better for the future... and then move on. things are too nastily entrenched, here.

i don't know that up north will be better. i suppose it will likely be less nepotistic.

probably not.

maaori culture is very nepotistic. people don't talk about the difference in income / wealth within maaori people but you have to ask: what have the politically elite maaori done for their people, lately?

sold them out, for the most part.

you're talking first born males of high ranking people, mostly. for the most part women still don't have speaking rights.

there is an element of that in public health, here. i don't have speaking rights in seminars. i mean, i raise my hand early and then people make up stuff to try and prevent my asking a question. they are all like 'you are consumer - right?' even once they know i'm a graduate...

they are the ones that got spat back. i know... they are the ones that are supposed to scare you...

scare you into keeping your head down and doing what you are told...

for the good of us all?

there do need to be boundaries and limits. people have trouble with that. you do need someone to put their foot down.

carryign capacity. chickens. just one more... just one more... increased wigets. increased efficiency. not even noticably sh*tt**r living conditions or quality of product or whatever...

but at some place that you can't objectively justify as being better than any other place you gotta put your foot down and just call 'carrying capacity!'

whether it be a free range chicken farm or an aged care facility...

i'm mostly disengaged from this community here, i guess there is that.

i was not accepted, here, for me.

with respect to people respecting me. instead of pooh poohing rubbish rubbish we know what's best fo ryou and more to the poitn we know what's best for us with the respect to the use of you..


the whole 'don't fall down'. it's about how much easier people are to manage when they don't get up.

nobody wants people to be empowered.

you end up with this awful commons...

people know not what harm they do. i'ts more oblivious than intentional.

or not.

it's hard to know psychopath vs idiot. is it that people lack moral sense or that they lack the capcacity to employ it?

i don't know.


this place is just more focused on doctors begat doctors...

i get it. you 'sacrifice' your life looking after the prostitutes by the casinos... tagging them and giving them their shots for the good of our tourism industry.

that means your kid gets one of the best shots we can get it for... i don't know... neuroendocrinology? renal? and if school friends are required to babysit... well... lets bring the whole island of social support... in the name of equity.

you have people living in communities that are destinations for toxic waste. kids out of there...

no... pick the kid from teh tourist resort island of vineyards.

in the name of equity.

i wonder if the kid got a choice of if things just magicked around them. i wonder what sort of social conscience etc you can develop in that kind of position.

just focused on how deprived you are... how tragically 'middle class'. i mean... when you don't go to a private school. when you live some place where you don't have to.

if all that investment made a difference... the kid wouldn't need an equity place.

i think we refuse to sort the kids. same way we put the idiots in charge.

i don't want to live, like this.

whose interets are served by there being so very many of us... rubbish people

not people

i know. back to that.

i don't get to learn anything i actually want to learn this year.

i wish i'd never been born. for real.

the whole euthanasia thing... it's all about power. people wanting it for the power it gives them over themselves and / or others. or not wanting it for the very same reason.

i have nothing to say that hasn't been said. people won't listen to reason because they are incapable of listening to it. whether incapacity or unwillingness the effect is the same.

you just gotta get out, really.

which is all they are trying to do for their kids, too. it's about shipping them off to australia...

nobody is actually interested in making things better, here.




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