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Re: government employees

Posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2018, at 3:09:55

In reply to Re: government employees, posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2018, at 21:45:55


and, i do know that this whole perception of 'riches' is out, or wrong.

i understand nobody gets paid 90,000 a year or 100,000 a year to do a project that could actually genuinely help a bunch of people whom nobody gives a crap about. the projects that are funded, like that, are for showing that smoking is great for children or macdonalds is a terrific sponsor for childrens hospitals or that alcohol advertising doesn't hurt children, at all.

i also understand that with more money coming in there are greater responsibilities with the money coming out. i do understand that 'making it' in medicine, to a large extent... well... you pay for registration fees and your continuing education fees and your examination fees and your quiet house that is a commutable distance and i do understand that mostly people aren't rich (unless they were to start with but then that's a different thing, entirely).

and he was a great guy, in many respects... but it is naieve to think that the ideal of the scientist or the arts professor back when you basically were fairly rich such that you had the leisure to pursue such things... it is naieve to think that that lifestyle will be given to working people who work at those things. i mean... it is naieve to think that an arts professor should get to work in a destination location earning enough to support a family and host expensive parties and... yes... i do believe that's so. and the guy was a great guy in many respects, but perhaps not really such a great role model with the kids with the drugs and with hooking up with a student...


i'm okay, really. i can pay for the power... it's about prioritising it. and i do. and it's only temporary. hopefully a bit of a scholarship will come through for me in the very near future and i'll go to the dentist and get around 20 years worth of work done. they aren't too bad, i reckon. but there will be a few fillings, no doubt... i'm really looking forward to getting that done. and some decent glasses frames that i actually like with an optometrist to actually get me glasses that sort out my astigmatism. rathe rthan the santa sack situation of 'try em on your head and figure for youself better or worse or mjuch the same?' and maybe contacts.

and a bicycle.

and a few odds and ends. pots that don't shed black crap into my rice while it's absorbing the water. just one knife that isn't blunt enough to cut me. some clothes that aren't just pj's and t-shirts...

i'm okay.

i can afford decent food. it's just really sad to see it packed up smaller and smaller into so very much plastic. most of it we really don't see, anymore.

and there are quite a few really great people here, honestly. and some really great teachers. and they are often being taken advantage of by the university, really. but there are good people here. anyway... just get the work done and i won't have to do it anymore after this year. it's only a few more months, really.




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