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Re: equality vs equity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2018, at 22:36:49

In reply to Re: equality vs equity, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2018, at 22:20:04

and it's about bullying, either way.
it knows no... money.
rich kids and poor kids, black kids and white kids
all the kids get bullyed by other people who claim to know what's best.
whether what's best is a professional career,
selling drugs on the street corner
other people claim to know what's best
instead of investing in options for their kid to
try different things
enouraging them to appreciate the value of work
(how investing time and effort reaps rewards of improved skill)
that sort of thing from love...


something about... love for what it is differnet *because* it is different.

back to what is good for persons. sigh.

i do understand there is a lot of flip flopping
and uncertainty
and so on.
but often that's because what people wanted got crushed out of them by others
rubbish rubbish rubbish pooh pooh
i know better than you what's good for you
(which always ends up looking more like what is best for them)

i think the university here doesn't want the arts to grow and flourish because the rich people (who have invested a lot in their kids education and on forcing / scaring / cajoling their kids to work work work) are afraid their little doctor-to-be will throw in the towel for... drama. or something...

and because of the whole hierarchy of life whereby what they really think of drama is revealed.

so everything must be crap... hierarchically inclined...
the kids must get whisked out and away after only one year
(the year where they impressed the kids who never learned anything at school beause the latter had no idea how much some other kids got to learn). but it's birth right and it's inevitable and better luck with your next generation...

only we don't really want them having masses and masses of babies in these wealthy little communities. places like stars hollow (the glmour girls). rural places like that. highly deprived places like that. where the kids get 'equity' places in medicine because of their rural disadvantage.

must be horrible growing up rural places like that. like waiheke island... a short (by city standards) commute into central auckland. two doctors as parents. equity place in medicine for 'rural origins'.

we are so corrupt we don't even see we have any corruption at all, here.

that's what equity is for, here.

they must be talking about growing business? right? gimmie gimmie government handouts for my charity business in the name of equity. right?

what else could it be?




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