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Re: equality vs equity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 5:43:45

In reply to Re: equality vs equity, posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 5:19:34

well, it's alright.

i get my thesis done and i apply to the other place.

it's just the usual thing of trying to get the people to settle into the sh*tt**st situation they can possibly manage for them.

because the more of that that happens the better things are for us all.

f*ck*ng economics.

there is all this sh*t about equality of income. and i just don't get it. i mean, it's f*ck*ng obvious that the within-country data is hugely problematic. i mean, it is so yesterdays news that lots of people don't have declarable income. i mean, it is so yesterdays news that lots of people organise their lives thus and so so they don't have declarable income. they have a company car and a company office and probably even a company house. the company pays for their flights and their hotels and so on and so forth. a restaurant budget with alcohol. their charity company, no less.

but this is yesterdays news and thats not exactly where things are at right now, probably, but you get the general idea.

and it's census data or its inland revenue (tax company) data that they use for the within country income distribution. and so who cares really whether the econmoists say that the within country income distribution is better or worse or much the same as it's always been. it's meaningless because we have no way of measuring the people scamming the system.

but, of course, you can drive around and see how the people live. and you can see the local shops and the infrastructure...

appreciating, of course, that most things of value are well hidden. because people in this country surely will turn on people they think are collecting too much... because their lives really are that bad. i guess that's what it comes down to, an awful lot.

and then something something about the world bank fixing the value of currencies so we can consider inequities between countries. but really its about whether the clean drinking water comes in or goes out. whether the non-recyclacables come in or go out, whether the quality produce comes in or goes out...

but somehow... to improve equity we would need to decrease efficiency and decrease the economy overall.

equity groups are a burden on society.

they hold society back.

i thought cooperation was distinct from coordination. that mutual benefit provided something that merely coordinated action could not. if you coordinate your action but each player is self interestsed then there is this whole thing of freeriding where possible and tragedy of commons or just one more chicken on the free range farm until they are living on mounds of each others sh*t all infested wtih bacteria ripping each ohers feathers out.

rampages of those incapable of interacting with persons.


there's no life for me, here. no meaningful employment. there's nothing at the university because of the whole 'everything must be sh*t or our precious would want to do something other than what we want them to do'. trying to scare people into doing statistics or chemistry or medicine or law or whateaver. mostly just medicine.

one year of exposure to the awful is supposed to motivate them to work hard... to do whatever it takes to get out.

only you don't speak of it. some people don't even seem to notice it's awful. they are really living the dream of managing to get away from whateaver abusive situation back home.

and then next generation...

this horrible soulless view of life.

and people are committed to it. because they sold out becaues of it.

why don't they retrain in something they find meaningful?

well then...

i suppose that's why i'm not allowed.


you know... if we were, like, really doing well, like really best in the world because of the way things are done here. becaue of the wonderful decision that these peple in power made in our interests i might feel a bit better about it...

but we are doing really crap. i mean, like really f*ck*ng crap by world standards. we are not even barely holding on to civilisation. once england withdrw law and australia is starting to withdraw medicine theres really nothing here. we haven't managed to develop or grow anything ourself. and yet we are f*ck*ng determined to just keep on same old same old things get sh*tt**r and sh*tt**r and sh*tt**r and people with wealth simply flee from the f*ck*ng mess that they've made.

and these people get to be the boss of me.

it makes no f*ck*ng sense, at all.




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