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Re: government employees

Posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2018, at 2:58:19

In reply to Re: government employees, posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2018, at 2:31:18

because I did a thesis already. so why the f*ck should i have to do another one?

because i got failed for public health for daring to suggest that the main food problem that Maaori had in this country wasn't that they ate rubbish voluntarily (as we would have the people believe) but that they lacked the power to eat healthy food.

I mean... Maaori were given 48% shares (or similar) in 'Sealord' which is the fisheries, basically. We sold it to foreign investors, however, (because why would we want our people to have sustainable access to fresh fish?) Now we only seem to get these little cat-food tins of tuna where the omega 3 oil has been extracted for separate purchase (fairly sure) and the eyes and tails and so on are mashed up and mixed with a bunch of salt and sugar and flavorings and additives and preservatives... And that's fish, right. That's the 'healthy food' that's not really affordable, even.


Apparently that's all 'speculative'. That Maaori have worse health beacuse they don't have control over the resources that would enable them to be healthy.


I didn't manage to divine the WHO position statement. My bad.

F*ck*ng idiots.

But yeah. My ignorance meant I wasn't eligable to apply to med. Because they thought I'd stick around and do a differnet degree so as to be eligable to apply again.

Becaues they were incapable of undestanding that I'd done degrees already?

Pretty much...

F*ck*ng idiots.

But yeah, equity is about Maaori having just as inequitable a distribution of the resources they do have control over as non-Maaori. Equity for Maaori would mean that elite Maaori have everything that elite non-Maaori have. White peopel f*ck over their own people really very badly indeed. Maaori deserve that very same thing in the name of equity!

Apparently Maaori have been doing really very well, indeed.

Immunisation rates for Maaori are now better than for non-Maaori.
The difference between the have and the have-nots is greater for Maaori than for non-Maaori.

elite Maaori might not be doing as well as elite non-Maaori - but they are even more so the boss of their own people.

Which is the point of equity - right?

Giving more control to Maaori? More control of their own people?

I guess we are supposed to be waiting for Maaori to decide they want to buy into 'human rights' instead of clinging to the Treaty of Waitangi. It's hard because the land settlements (involving land being transferred back or other assets or money) have been heard in special 'Waitangi Tribunal' courts. So Maaori think that without the Treaty they would have no recourse to the government. They don't think that they could appeal legitmiately under human rights violations etc.

I saw something the other day about exchange scholarships for Maaori. So they could go as part of a University Exchange and be sort of hosted somehow by indigenous people from various places (Canada, US, Australia). I thought taht was pretty cool. That way Maaori could see different ways in which indigenous people have managed to start to develop more control over the resources their people need...

I have moments when I'm okay.

But I have a lot of moments when I'm not. I'm f*ck*ng angry that I'm writing a thesis now because our education system has devolved to complete and utter sh*t over the years... I'm f*ck*ng angry that I have to do another f*ck*ng thesis when I've f*ck*ng done one already. I hate this and I decided I didn't f*ck*ng want to do it anymore. If people here want people to want to do this kind of work then they really need to get better at listening to and encouraging the people who actually want to do it (instead of sh*tt*ng all over them and rubbishing and pooh poohing their efforts).

Anyway, whatever.

It's just the people who can pissing all over everything else.


The art is really oppressive. There's a statue of... It looks like the tip of a penis. They've erected it just across from the nicest building. The clocktower. It's done in some kind of cheap stone. There are cheap stone statues aroudn teh place. It's supposed to have something to do with materials... Material science. You can see the really nice buildings because of teh quality of the materials. The nice stone. The attention to detail in some of the features. You don't see workmanship like that anymore. Everyone just wants things done more cheaply and nastier and so on. Anyway... The art is sort of taking the piss. Cheaper materials. Tacky. It's tacky looking. And what looks like the tip of a penis where part of it has been well-polished. Appropos.

Close enough to the tribute to ACC. The people statues in the middle of this paved part. Just waiting for some drunken teenager to come and mow them down with their SUV. The people have shape parts to them. Like implants. False hips or whatever. Replaceable people parts. With graduand hats on.

THen leading to that there is a... I think they are old railway sleepers, or something. Wood. Thsi arch sort of a construction. Like the gateway to... Replaceable people parts.

It's all very... Heartwarming. Not.

Inspiring... Not.

Someone commissioned it, I guess.

Taking the piss, in some way.

In Auckland there are shipping containers. A giant dog water bowl. For the commuters. So when you get off the train in the city you can see the giant dog water bowl feature and be remidned of whate a... animal. pet. you are. And around the med school there are torture devices. Chair made out of blades. Metal bench with bits on it so you can tie people down with rope. Things like that.


i guess... Someone... likes it that way.

does it bring out the best in people?

i don't understand.




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