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Re: no stims/no benz BEST NARDIL AUGMENTION d/r

Posted by that_guy23 on November 26, 2008, at 18:33:26

In reply to Re: no stims/no benz BEST NARDIL AUGMENTION d/r that_guy23, posted by JadeKelly on November 25, 2008, at 17:02:25

Hey again,

I'm glad you found someone to relate to. Has he helped out much with the parnate? This would be the same guy who had experience in nardil as well? nardil2007 was it? I'm not completely familiar with all of this, so should I start anew thread asking his advice, or just post somewhere uder wher he has already?

On another note, I just know there is no chance of getting augmentation with this pdoc., not for nardil. If so it wouldn't be this soon. I've been on it for 12 weeks, so I have about 5-6 weeks to reach 4 months. I won't see her to raise my dose for another 2 weeks, leaves me on 90 for 3 weeks if she will even up it. If not that will be it, I will definately search for anotherpdoc.! She just seems more hard to get along with. This is only since the nardil, which I suggested. And have been suggesting things ever since, but I never really did this before. Do you think this would offend her? I mean I beleive a patient shoud have some input, actually allot, on the drugs that there going to be using, not the doctor! Especially if they've reserached the hell out of it. I mean am I wrong? Don't most people suggest drugs they would like to try? It sure seems like it, after reading people hearing of a drug on here and other forums, then the next thing you know, there on it.

As for that old life style and what I have done in the past, it's not the path I want to end up down again. And like you said I am gonna push hopefully to 4 months, what about you? you gonna stick it out? keep me posted on the progress.

I really have been pondering over whether to call another pdoc., but the second I see them I think I will lose her.

It has been very hard, because I am sure there is no change in my SA. I was at a garage that my aunt had to go into, which I used to work. She had to drop off her car, so we had to go in and wait, I was so anxious and I don't know why. This is when I came home and went to bed, realizing twelve weeks gave me no progess.

This sucks because somthing like provigil, which is a non-stim, but kinda acts as one, might help, or anything, It's getting much harder, and it all comes back to my doctor. Like I said she gave me 2 people, one is not a good pdoc., but seems to love prescribing drugs, the other one I'm not sure if he is as good, and I don't know how he would be about drugs. Shouldn't there be people I could see just to get options best for me, I mean it's my life.

On a lighter note, me and my brother are pretty close, well in the past few years we haven't seen each other alot, but we've always had that connection. When he called me to ask me to stand, he even asked if it bothered me that his best man was another guy, which happened to be his life long best friend. I was like I am just glad to be standing, of course I don't mind! And yes I do play guitar and write songs, it's what gets me through allot of this sh*t! I used to be all punk rock. We werelike don't even mention anything else, in the old high school days. I still do love my punk, even a bit of emo, and allot of hardcore punk. But I love all kinds of music, no country, besides for Jonny Cash, which I guess is only part country. I'm trying to learn "tears in heaven", by clapton, but it is hard!

Back to the sphycho, I mean psychchiatrist, oops. She also said to see how the cbt is going, and if I don't find it at least a little easier I am letting her know it's just not enough yet. Not that I want to quit, but a nudge would help it.

sorry about the rant, just started typing and guess I really needed to vent.

Thanks for listening, and helping me.

I would love your opinion on all of this.





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