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Re: hospitals round the world

Posted by alexandra_k on August 1, 2009, at 23:02:21

In reply to Re: hospitals round the world, posted by alexandra_k on July 29, 2009, at 2:29:03

Went to the gym last wednesday and they said I needed medical clearance before they could give me a program because of my injuries (and because a 26 year old dropped dead of a heart attack in a group fitness class (some congenital weakness) couple weeks back). They aren't liable so long as there is a medical clearance, apparently.

Got my program yesterday. The guy showed me how to use the weight machines etc. I was a bit worried because he was putting the weights on about 3, and after 4 or 5 reps with the technique he was showing me I was beyond wobble. Feeling like I was going to drop the weight (not sure if you are meant to push through that or if you really might drop the weight so shouldn't push past that). Didn't think that there was any way that I could do the 3 sets of 10 reps that I was meant to do... Figured out today that probably the reason why he was being avoidant about the `what weight setting should I use'? issue was basically because I need to start on the lowest setting (without the pin in the machine even) in order to get the reps done with the proper technique. That is cool, though, at least the program seems doable now. And with his setting them higher initially I could see what muscles the machines are supposed to be targeting (and what muscles I should tense to add resistance to).

It is kinda funny to watch the people with the machines set on higher weights do what they need to do in order to lift the weight two or three times (then look around a little to see who is impressed). I guess the idea (for me) is to not worry about the weight, and just get the technique right adding as much resistance as I can to the last set in particular. Don't want to kill myself and not go back, too.

Feel kinda good. Like I've lightly been run over by a steam roller. But just lightly. Not completely flattened. Spine and ab exercises are hardest for me (core strength). Forgotten how to do the spine stretch one already... Still, going in around 10 or 11 am seems to work out well as the buff people aren't really in there then (or are in the weights room which doesn't matter to me). I think... This might actually work out for me :-)

Day 1 and 3: Upper body
Day 2: Lower body
One RPM (cycling) group class
One balance (pilates / yoga) group class
One `catch up' day of whatever I feel I should do
One day rest.

Lets see how long I can keep this up...


Turns out that there is this blow up plastic wobbly disk that people use to work their feet / legs, too. He said that it can be a bit hard to find it in the gym... But that I should invest in one for home, or two if I find it particularly useful. That sounds perfect for working the muscles in my feet.

Lets see how long I can keep this up...




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