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Re: hospitals round the world

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2009, at 5:18:29

In reply to hospitals round the world, posted by alexandra_k on June 24, 2009, at 4:01:42

Thanks 10.

It is going okay, actually. Maybe because I'm in a better place than I have been on some previous admissions. In the world, I mean. Have this deadline and it really is important to me so it is something to keep me focused in on work as well as having my mental breakdown lol.

The nurses are pretty good to talk to. A couple who try - but difficulties relating. And a couple who are really just very good indeed to talk to. That helps. And a couple who give really terrific hugs which helps a lot as well. And even those who I can't really talk to genuinely mean well and seem very well intentioned and that helps, too. So... Going well, yeah.

Couple of people who are really very ambivalent about getting better. Vacillation between wanting to get better and sneaking opportunities for drugs etc. I'm part of an older set, now. I remember when... Things are going better for me, yeah.

The doc is nice. I was lucky to get him (lucky lucky any other option wouldn't have gone quite as well, I think). They are being really very good about me retaining responsibility - making my own decisions about leave and when I go for good etc. I brought it up for the first time today. Came back to my office to work for a couple hours and... I forgot what a wonderful place this is to work. I... Want out now. That is good. I halfheartedly brought up and endorsed Friday but now I'm in the spirit of TOMORROW PLEASE :-)

And come and see the doc on Friday after seeing my T for the second time. They have someone looking into 'alternative options' for me. I'll see what is there. Write something for my T on thursday. I'm very ambivalent about whether we are best to try and continue or not. Guess we need to talk about logistics such as how often he can see me and what other options I might have etc.

The registrar is there every day whereas the doc only three times a week. First time I met with her (without him) we had a good talk. Actually, first time I saw the doc we had a good talk, too. I think... They have both been pretty hands off since then 'can we talk to you for 5 minutes?' Trying not to get me attached... That is probably pretty wise. Jeepers I'm pathetic... I wish I could work with the registrar... Or him... I just want someone who wants to work with me twice a week. Someone who I can talk to who I can hold in mind so I can be as productive as I can be. God I'm pathetic. I hate me :-(




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