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hospitals round the world

Posted by alexandra_k on June 24, 2009, at 4:01:42

menu rotates half as much
they lose my desserts twice as much
they have the same color scheme
(guess someone told them that particular shade of green was calming)
doctors and registrars are local
that is kind of novel
or to be fair mine are (for once in my life)
but it seems that most, indeed, aren't.

doc is nice. think there is a 'turf issue'
my doc actually thought to get a little more responsive with me
via text message
once i told him i was admitted to the psych ward

trouble with night staff already
i'm doing my best not to be borderline
not to be borderline at all
no staff splitting: rule number 1
it happened anyway
i've never met anyone so 'directive'
so able to completely ignore reason
in my life
(except for my mother and step-mother of course)
the doc just needs to say 'and let things be thus'
but guys simply don't seem able to stand up to reason resistent women
what must i do to compete with that?
a little hysteria myself?????
i didn't go there.
was patient
what is three days when i have a deadline on a book contract for the first?
what is three days of being literally screamed at to 'go to bed' at midnight
when my best working hours are between midnight and three in the morning
what do i have to do that is so special before eleven am
what the f*ck??????!

i was good
it was triggering
mum and dad
beautiful. thats just brilliant
i've been very very good
got the whole curling up and wishing myself out of existence thing going on
its ok
i'm not seething
one must be good
attempt something approximating attractive
i've been good
i am good
so quiet you wouldn't even know i exist.

its ok.
sorted now. just now.
hasn't quite sunk in yet.

if i stop repressing for five i'll realize i don't need to repress

something of a power poem
internet f*ck*ng rip off bastards...

i'm ok
i'll be okay
seeing t this friday (wish me luck)

i saw an inconsolable infant in the ER
crying 'mummy mummy' over and over
other lady was trying to console
weird... would like being held and rocking
but slightly autistic about it
'mummy mummy'
maybe that is what it is
the unconsolable
valium calls
i'm safe
i'm okay
i'll be okay
publication will suck sh*t but get it i will




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