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Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 19:27:09

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by Lamdage22 on June 20, 2020, at 12:28:45

I don't really know what is happening with England.

I suspect it's what is happening (to smaller scale) to New Zealand.

Where you have an elite class of people doing their thing... Very nepotistically and the like...

And then you have a really bad public system that is kept in it's really bad state from the continual exploitation of the private sector.

We keep hearing about how terribly useless the NHS is, for example.

I mean, I do understand that they are perhaps *trying intentionally* to market it in that way to prevent the influx of illegals wanting to enter into England hopeful of a better life for themselves there...

But it does seem that there is a lot of truth behind the display... Of ineptitude / incompetence...

And people come *here* from *there* so things can't be all that amazing over *there*.

So... University academics don't think it is their job to examine... Maybe peer review (not sure)... Even Secondary School... They are talking about not examining students with the whole Covid thing it's the perfect excuse for not examining students. They think the University places can be decided 'more fairly' by lottery.

I see... Is that because there is a private (pay as you go) University system in England that the private people already were paying into...

And they want the public system to be kept a scramble so meritocracy (natural ability and hard work) doesn't start to make nepotism of the private schools look bad?

Is that the idea?

I'm trying to understand...

We don't have a handle on objective examination in NZ, either.

They like to say that the kids didn't learn anything during lock-down and we need them back at school. They like to say that the kids are not liking school now because they are afraid they are so far behind...

But they aren't saying anything about the kids who well and truly flew ahead because for the first time ever they were allowed to work at their very own working pace and they didn't have to wait for the slowest or be afraid of the ramifications for not being the slowest...

They won't objectively examine and figure out how each individual works and stream people into a cohort on the basis of that...

Because it's about undermining potential and holding kids back.

I don't understand how to view it any other way...




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