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Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 3:52:26

Let's see how corrupt things are in New Zealand.

Of course an administration person at the court tried telling me it couldn't be accepted for filing because...

Because every second page was missing (it was not).
Because the first page was missing (it was not).

F*ck*ng hell...

The respondant did not respond within the time.

So the court may proceed to judgement without the respondant responding to my claims.

I claim they are required to overturn the decision to decline my application to Medicine. So... That means they are required to enrol me.

I also claim that the people who were responsible for the mis-processing of my application (that is to say the senior people involved in the internal appeals process) be stood down since they are clearly unwilling / unable to do their jobs. It wasn't just that they were unwilling / unable to do their jobs. It was that in their official responses to my appeal they attempted to guilt me into believing that there was something bad or wrong with me that I was requesting the appeals process be followed. They attempted to guilt me into believing that I was requesting special consideration in a way that was not fair when I was only requesting my application be processed the way all applications are supposed to be processed. One also said I should re-think my desire to study Medicine at Auckland since the same people who rejected my application would be responsible for inspiring and motivating me.

Clearly that won't do. These uninspiring, unmotivating, people... Need to go.


Let's see if the High Court is capable of doing it's f*ck*ng job in a timely f*ck*ng fashion.

The judge is allowed to alter the substance of the complaint... The judge is allowed to say what outcome he thinks is fair...

In the pursuit of justice. Of course. Given the particularities of the circumstances of the case. Given that (please God) the judge is not a f*ck*ng idiot. In the interests of justice.


We had quarantine breech. Becuase the people in charge of managing quarantine don't know what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans. Of course.

You know... People hanging out having parties in the smoko room... People making friends in quarantine.

Then... Given that. Given the socialising that was going on in the quarantine facility...

New people were brought into the facility as new flights arrived...

While people who had done their time were released.

So that means a person who just arrived could mingle with a person just about to leave in teh smoko room.

Because that's what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

And they said that teh staff were all wiping and sanitising things coming INTO the facility. But that's not why people INSIDE the facility were in quarantine.

Just a basic inability to understand...

People just don't.

THings like handwashing. People don't. People won't. People don't and look about and look for... Other people to be complicit in their violations. Then an immediate bond. That's the spirit / attitude. Even with the 2 meter rule. Someone would find some excuse to breech that and then check the reaction. To turn against you if you display displeasure. To friend you if you display pleasure.

People just won't.


So apparently our military will take over quarantine.
Becuase of their experience with logistics.

I am concerned. I think our military has been extremely underfunded over the years.
We have not invested in them very much at all.
We have not thought of them as a civil defence force, at all.
We have likely not trained them accordingly.
I don't know how they will go in charge of logistics.

But I am certain it will go better than it does under Ministry of Health and Hoteliers.


The Minister of Health was called out 2x for violating level 3 restrictions. For driving to a mountain biking route and mountain biking from there when we were supposed to exercise in local communities only and only drive for essential items like groceries again in local communities only.

Also for driving out to a beach with his family...

Likely to have some kind of meeting with Doctors out there... The whole Southland Corruption thing...

Anyway... Our Prime Minister says he isn't part of the problem he is part of the solution.
But he doesn't appear to do the things he's supposed to do.
So that makes him part of the problem.
He's part of the problem of 'I am just like you, I don't follow the rules either, We don't follow the rules together, we just do whatever we like whenever we like and mop up all the money and pull out a cheeky grin and nobody is going to do anything about it at all this is just how we do'.

I can't imagine how he could be any worse with respect to the problem.

Even if he is an informant.

Even then.

Apparently there is this other person they are trying to get in on party list who may be likely to take the Health Portfolio after the election.

It doesn't look like they need to get rid of the present guy before the election to win it. Best keep her in teh wings and hope that she manages to keep her head down sufficiently.

THen time will tell if she's similarly inept / corrupt. Don't know.


Bloomfield... I'm not sure what to make of him.
He's clearly not personally responsible for the latest fiasco that saw 2 women given compassionate excemption to leave quarantine...
To drive from Auckland to Wellington (8 + hours) to attend a family funeral.
THey apparently 'got lost' when they tried to leave Auckland. And their getting lost meant that their phone got confused, too, so that GPS did not work for it and neither did 111 for emergency services. Instead all they could do with their phone given their immense state of distress was call up a couple friends from Auckland so they could have a quick catch up with them and a bit of a hug before driving off.. And, you know, hteir immense upset about the family death blocked that out of their minds'..

They tested positive for Covid when they arrived in Wellington.

It seems...

It seems...

Was it some kind of a 'safe' jack -up. NOt sure jack up is the term... set up. A set up to ensure our boarders stay locked down. People were not realising what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans or that many many many many violations were occuring.


The Ombudsman is proving himself a complete an utter *ss.
He was interviewed on some show and the guy is clearly used to displaying patience with idiots but you could see him losing his patience with the Ombudsman.

He's been doing 'we give you 3 weeks notice before we come and inspect your prison' inspections. He doesn't think that this alters the situation he is inspecting. He's that f*ck*ng stupid? He can't be! How can he say that to the camera with a straight face??

There is something seriously wrong with him.

He was 'livid' that 3 of his staff turned up into their pre-booked hotel the day before a prison inspection... And the staff found themselves in the middle of a new flight of people arriving to start quarantine. So... They could have obtained the virus from them. So tehy couldn't do their prison inspection the next day.

So... What did they do? Did they stay in quarantine with the new arrivals?

Course not!

They got on a plane and flew to Wellington to 'quarantine' themselves with their 'family members' back hom.e

BEcause that's what quarantine meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

And instead of them doing a report on the adequacy (or otherwise) of quarantine facilities (from the inside, literally). They are doing nothing. Because the Ombudsman is always looking for an excuse to do nothing. To delay. To do nothing. They couldn't do the prison visit. They do nothing. Or.. I think they are thinking about human rights of people in quarantine...

Because you know they care about that.

At a time when 'compassionate exceptions' gets people with Covid transmitting it in communities when *they did not have to get on the plane to come here* in most cases.




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