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Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court Lamdage22

Posted by alexandra_k on June 20, 2020, at 18:45:12

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by Lamdage22 on June 20, 2020, at 12:28:45

I am sorry to hear about your experience at University.

I just cannot understand how such shoddy practices are allowed.

I mean... It is because the University administration takes more than it's fair share of the money (their salaries are exhorbatant) and they do not pay people fair wages for honest work when it comes to teaching quality (often) and most particularly when it comes to grading quality.

The very very very very first batch of essays I ever graded I was given to training in how to grade. I asked a PhD student for advise / help. He said to me that I basically hada choice... The University was paying me to grade 3 x 2,500 word essays (I think, from memory) per hour. I could choose to work to their schedule... Or I could take about 3 x as long... And do it properly.

I did it properly because I knew how important my GPA was to me. I thought that whether a student got an A- or a B+ for the essay could make the difference for the student getting an A- or a B+ for the course overall. Could make the difference for their GPA. Could make the difference for a scholarship place. For entry to a program.

I felt I owed each student an individual explanation as to what I needed to see from them for them to get the next mark up (what the other students did who got that mark that they did not).

But mostly now people just seem to throw them up the stairs and see which ones fly the furtherest...

Entry to programs is them 'choosing' the kids of the senior officials and perhaps a cohort that makes the previously mentioned kids look like the best and brightest...

The faculty just don't care about grading properly.

They design poor questions.

I really feel your pain.

It's soul destroying / demoralising to know that both natural ability and hard work is deemed irrelevant in this game of chance designed so the kids of the chosen ones can party party party and still appear to be the best...

I did not enrol in second year physiology because they could not assure me that they wouldn't say (for example) 'draw a Wigger's diagram for 10 points' (on 7mm lined paper) in the final examination:




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