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Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:08:36

In reply to Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 3:52:26

There is something in the News at the moment about a senior person at AUT (Auckalnd University of Technology) and a middle level person at ANU (Australian National University)... The lady from ANU made sexual harrassment allegations against the guy from AUT.

Since then other people have said things and.. It sounds like he's an obsessive letcher, basically, and AUT simply turned a blind eye to it / buried any issues that were raised about it. Because, you know, this is how we do.

Anyway... She's high up enough level for her home University to be taking it seriously enough to be backing her such that they are going to try and prevent him from doing this to anybody else. Because, of course, likely he'd been letchering on young females for... Well... You know, people who get a taste for it (and who believe they are immune to any consequences) really don't tend to stop out of the goodness of their hearts all of a sudden.

Anyway... POint is presently he has lost some position title but retained his professorship status. I don't know how that translates into his pay-check.


The point is...

The Director of the Medical Admissions Committee.. The Dean of the Medical School... The Deupty Academic Vice Chancellor (I Think that was the title)...

Dear John,
Dear John,
Dear John...

It's not just that they are unwilling / unable to do Medical Selections properly.. It's that they are unwilling / unable to understand that independent and objective external examiners decide whether or not theses are awarded.

If they don't understandt that...

If they don't understand that transcripts for Degrees already conferred cannot have grades and terms of enrolment retrospectively altered...

If they don't understandt hat once a transcript for a Degree has been done. Been signed off on. Notarised. Conferred. All of that...

The University can't then just choose or decide to generate new ones with different grades. Different terms of enrolment..



They really cannot be employed in any capacity at all. At any University at all. It seems to me.

I really do think that such behavior is criminal.

I would like to visit them in prison.

It may motivate and inspire them to devote the rest of their lives to improving living and working conditions for the prison population of New Zealand.

That would be.. It seems to me... I just and fitting fate. For people who wanted to be involved in Meidcine. For helping people. They could help people in that way. By helping themselves. It's ingenious.







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