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Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court

Posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:33:48

In reply to Re: Waiting on Judgement from High Court, posted by alexandra_k on June 18, 2020, at 4:26:37

because what they have been doing is picking the youngest kids they can find becuase they want them to be 'morally plastic'.

then they are horrible to them. i know they are. they rule over them with bullying and so on so that they keep quiet and do what they are told.

they are supposed to huddle into the middle of the herd while they take pot shots at anybody who stands out in any way. to teach them to huddle in the herd and keep their heads down.

then you get small groups of them...

and... i don't know... bark at them 'right, cervical smear, i need to see you give one to sign you off on this rotation. you. now. off you go'.

and the medical student may stammer 'but she's been generally anesthetised for a hip replacement... has she given informed consent?'

only they'll have been taught never to stammer anything at all well before then.

and all the things you get to see and do...

the abortions.

the things that happen when patients are in fact under general anasthetic being given drugs to ensure they won't remember.

the psychiatric facilities to detain dissentors. people who, in many instances, haven't done anything wrong. being involuntarily detained against their will by a psychiatrist who likely professess to speak no english because... why becuase... this is how we do.

it's criminal.

they say change has to come from the top. but it doesn't.
they say change has to work it's way up. but it doesn't get selected in from the start. again: they want the ones who will join them in this is how we do.

it's criminal.

change has to come from all fronts at once.

i suppose.




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