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Re: Experiencing success with TMS

Posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 19:22:18

In reply to Re: Experiencing success with TMS alexandra_k, posted by Clearskies on August 28, 2018, at 19:03:44

> Oddly (to me) the TMS tech tells me Im the only client - I refuse to refer to us as patients since this is clearly an income generator for a practice - to have shown any knowledge of what the machine does.
> Huh?
> People just let someone point a machine at your skull and have it drill bursts of electromagnetic pulses into your brain and you dont care to know what exactly its DOING?
> (I know weve got two threads running concurrently here. I dont mind if you dont. )

Thank you for not minding. I'm sorry to hijack, another thread, yet again. Sigh.

I think maybe people just get desparate to try something, anything, for things to get / feel better, sometimes.

I'm thinking back to when I had ECT. I signed some consent form. Did I know how it worked? No. Not really. I may have read a little Janet Frame or something, about the barbaric brutality of it all, even, but I signed up for it.

Partly... It was an effort to persuade others that I was doing everything in my power to get better. That I was willing to consent to that, I mean. After it had been suggested, then it was something that I could try. Something that was flagged as pretty much a last resort.

Like... How when people have been diagnosed with terminal whatever then... Why not drink gallons of carrot juice, or whatever. Something... Anything... What have you got to lose?

I was cross later that they didn't point out they wanted to do bi-lateral shocks but unilateral shocks could have been an option that would be less likely to cause disruption to language areas. I don't think it did affect language areas, but apparently there is a risk of that with left hemisphere shocks to Wernicke / Broca's regions. In some people. Would that have altered my consent? Probably not, honestly. Not if there was more chance of bilateral working (and apparently there was). Still cranky about the consent forms, however.

I think it's okay...

I think it's problematic when people lie / falsify findings so a treatment looks more effective than it is. Like concerns people have around places charging exhobitant amounts of money for things like stem cell treatments to help them walk. Or promising good outcomes when the clinic gets bad results for things like cosmetic surgeries... People will get into all kinds of debt sometimes... And I feel insurance companies pain when it comes to deciding what treatments to fund...

But if it's providing hope for you and you feel it's helping and you are eating okay and can pay your rent and so on, then, well... Hey, I spend money on swimming because it makes me feel good. Some people get a kick out of going to the hairdresser and having that done. I don't know...

I needed to phone the internet people the other day because my internet was down. Turned out that I was 'that guy'. The guy who doesn't know the fibre optic box needed to be plugged in at the wall and turned on. Yeah, most people are stupid when it comes to understanding electicity. It's complicated... I don't purport to understand satellites...




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