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Re: Experiencing success with TMS Clearskies

Posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 18:49:31

In reply to Re: Experiencing success with TMS alexandra_k, posted by Clearskies on August 28, 2018, at 18:24:29

> (Today was my 16th session, out of 35. Of TMS.)

I am interested to hear how you are finding it. I don't feel I know much about the brain. I don't suppose many people know much about the brain. But then I did this course in neuroanatomy and 1/3 of it was curriculum they use for Med students and that 1/3 was brilliant. We looked at the anatomical structures of the brain and started to learn some of the pathways. I had no idea how much we really do know about the reflexes of the peripheral nerves and so on... The cortex stuff is a weird sort of an overlay... But I was surprised to learn just how much we do know. Not me, particularly, I mean. But... Civilisation. Peoples. Somewhere. It was glimpses like that that keep me wanting to do Med. Of course the other 2/3 of the course were largely a waste of our time... And the typical animal-torture component... Just because...

> I havent the faintest clue of just how messed up the American or Canadian university systems are, having had no experience of either.

I have had a... Well, to be honest, a highly structured and well babysat experience of the education system in the USA and I proclaim it to be the best in the world!


Seriously, though, I had the privaledge of spending a year at a University that I know helps make the State a desirable place to be, for many people in the US. I was fortunate, indeed to work as a teaching assistant for someone who was well known to be a brilliant teacher. He refused to dumb down the curriculum (under the misguided assumption that his students were dumb or would appreciate or respect that). Instead he hand-held them as well as he could through original texts (Plato and Aristotle and Mill and so on). Primary readings only. He figured a way to make multiple choice a non-stupid option for philosophy. Testing a genuine depth of understanding involving 'best' answers / interpretations of elements of the text. He had a wonderful system for blind grading (grade it blind 2x and then if more than 5 marks different - grade it again). then grading meetings... A half day affair. He would cook and invite all the teaching assistants. We presented graphs of our distribution of grades to him. We talked about things and about the ones we thought were 'representative' of the different marks and shared them so we could detect if someone was grading high vs low and marks could be altered. We presented our 'best' ones our 'odd' ones and our proposed fails.

Because... The students worked hard on them. Or... Shuold be given that benefit of the doubt. And so we owed them that much.

Of course.

And in coming back here I see why this sort of thing needs to be so. Why there needs to be a distribution of power (there were 3 teaching assistants and him and we negotiated grades for the class). In NZ... People don't blind grade. You can tell peoples race from their name, often. There is absolutely no accountability.

> I recall my ex son-in-law not being able to get beyond being an adjunct professor when he was aiming for an academic career at one point.

Tenure is tricky. It's like... Making consultant in Medicine, I think. Yeah. That is the time when you hunker down and persist. Work your *ss off. To get to that. Yeah. That's why I walked away from my PhD. I realised I didn't want to be a philsophy academic. If I did want to be a philospohy academic then fighting to complete PhD is just the start... The you have the fight for tenure track position... Then the fight for tenure. Tenure needs a book, you see. Your PhD develops into a book... And a bunch of articles besides... But differnet fields are differnet.

We have a public education system - it is just that it has been set up to fail. We know full well there are neighbourhoods where parents don't have enough to feed their kids. Those kids go to school hungry or go to school hyped up on cheap crap to fill their bellies. They are distruptive to other students learning. There are 30 of them packed into a class. How can a teacher teach reading writng and arithmetic to these kids? They can't.

Then we have the... Whatever... To say that such things would be 'culturally inappropriate', anyway.

> I do get a sense, though, of how those born into poverty are perpetuated to stay there without extraordinary measures being taken, like a burning ambition and a supportive family to move you beyond it. Or a benefactor of some kind.

Or luck. People are fans of luck. Becuase it doesn't require them to *do* anything. Of course you choose whether to buy into the lottery (only certainty is house wins) -- where does the bulk of the lottery money go?

It is a hard one because when things go well people have a tendancy to think they earned it. They are deserving and that's why they have and others do not. It's hard to see how to live with yourself otherwise. On the other hand, that can preclude people looking out for opportunities (or working to make opportunities) genuinely happen for other people... with repect to empowering them and their group, I mean. ANd it is hard, too, because most people will revert to screwing over others for their personal gain if they get the opportunity. And so why help them, then, when they wouldn't help others if they were in your position? But it's next to impossible to sort that group from teh ones who really wouldn't...

Little mes.

It's not about being a rescuer (and elevating that which is rescued to persecutor).

But some way to do something. Yeah.

I'd like to do surgeries. You know... There is a tumor or something. And I fixed it. Yay. Sigh.

Parasitic worms bother me. The thought of them, i mean. Masses of worms. Bad dreams...




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