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Re: Experiencing success with TMS

Posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 18:23:15

In reply to Re: Experiencing success with TMS, posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 17:57:29

> organisation and planning that is required to go onto just one. because if you don't have that... you might just find yourself beign burned out as junior doc keeping costs down for some CEO in a hospital in NZ where your work will never contribute towards your being qualified for anything.

yes, just like that. becuase they want people who will go 'i'm in med now, i've made it!' and relax... but it's not about getting into med... it's about getting into specialist training. and to do that you need to send out a lot of applications... with associated application fees (I think $5,000 for Ortho, last time I checked, and you need to choose NZ or Aussie and not apply to both)...

So... If you can't get things sorted to 'spam' at least few applications to Med, in the first place...

Because I don't think I could bear GP training in NZ. Maybe in Australia... But not in NZ. Not what I've seen of it. There is no informed consent. There is not much treatment (aside from the obvious shots for infectious diseases). There didn't used to be much antibiotics (not sure if that's changing -- watching the progression of Rheumatic fever - heart valve failure -- heart failure in Pacific Islalnders and Maaori was looking a little too much like watching the progression of Syphilis in Black people)...

I haven't managed to find a GP, here. Or, when the GP seemed okay (so far as I can tell - and I don't suppose I can, particularly) the clinic did not.

Anyway... I shall choose to believe. Because I can't afford to 'self stabotage' they call it (they would, even when it is them doing it). I will just have to do my best for a few months more... To have faith / belief / hope that this is all for the good... And I'm not being taken for a chump for doing it.

I guess... It might be to help the horrid people down the track, not want me to stay with them, after all. IN case I write about them. Maybe it could open up genuine opportunities. With the UN or something. I don't know. I don't know that there might be. I think I'd actually really like to travel a bit and try an dhelp with projects that were developing infrastructure for communities. Ideally frm a positoin of knowing how to do useful things, rather than learning. I think there might be some good stuff being done. But I see it would need to be on the down-low because there is no shortage of masses and masses of people who prefer to profiteer off of keeping that community disempowered, disenfranchiesd and, ultimately, sick and impoverished, and diseased.

The realities...

I don't know that it is the sort of thing I could do for more than a few weeks, at a time.

Says the girl who has trouble sleeping in the slums of Auckland. Yeah. Sometimes I can be surprising, though. Opposite reaction to what most peole do or whate you would think.




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