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Re: Experiencing success with TMS Clearskies

Posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 17:06:36

In reply to Re: Experiencing success with TMS alexandra_k, posted by Clearskies on August 27, 2018, at 0:34:42

It is to do with equity and disability.

About how 'equity groups' like the disabled, poor people (on some accounts), Maaori people etc are supposed to represent a burden to society (require more equity investment for outcomes that are projected to only get worse and worse).

About how we need to look at where the equity goes. The politicians and CEOs and people who get paid such considerable salaries in order to...

Make sure the projections and forecasts come out good. Because people have invested their money accordingly, you see. And because NZ is the 'easiest place in the world in which to do business'.

It is about power... About how instead of giving people a living wage (so they have access to resources needed to attain health) we choose to (for example) sell off the state houses so the politicians can buy them up and profit from being slum landlords.

It is about how the people in charge of government... universities... hospitals here... Only seem interested in profiting at everyone elses expense. Ruining things for more and more and a greater and greater proportion of us so they can invest in better futures for themselves overseas.

It is about jumping through the hoop... So I'm eligable for interview. At which point they will likely decide 'definite no' for no good reason. Just because they think my face looks too old or for some other whim.

Because there is no accountability. People don't want civilisation. THey prefer life to be nasty bruitish and short for many if not most of us. People have seriously warped urges and desires and they seem to have this fascination with putting them centre stage.

Maybe things won't go that way. Maybe we will finally do the things we should do. YOu know, blind grade students work. Stop discriminating against people with disability etc because there is no reason to ask abotu such things prior to candidates being selected.


Who will make them?

That's basically what it comes down to.

Tis a culture of bullies, here.

And who will make them?

Otherwise... I don't know if it's enough for me to get out. But I'm done.

They failed me for a first year course that was supposed to be part of a degree in telling people that healthcare and medicine was not for them and their people - because they couldn't afford it. They failed me for asking: But, then, where does the money go?

That's the equity there. THe equity group is those who profit.

The inequity, injustice... Those are the people who are targeted 'in the name of equity!'

For who, again?




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