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Re: Experiencing success with TMS

Posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 19:08:55

In reply to Re: Experiencing success with TMS, posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 18:59:02

Maybe that's the thing of it... You want to be moving around. If you stay in one place for too long you can't see what it is that you are missing. What is that is that is lacking or absent from the place you are at, I mean.

Like how I remember when I first arrived in Australia. The airport was peaceful. Odd, huh, it's a busy bustling airport. It was... That I couldn't hear the noises of the natives. The noises that Maaori and Pacific peoples make... The Auckland airport. I don't know that this will make sense to anyone... I experienced that peace as something was missing. And it took me ages to figure what it was.

Then Canberra. Things felt plastic. Took me ages... No historic period sort of buildings. New trees. Not established... English imports. Just gum trees. Scrappy. And then an elite group of people.. Quiet and civilised for reading and writing... Need to go on bus to suburbs to experience fear of being stabbed by street kids...

Moving around, yeah.

I wasn't particularly happy in North Carolina when I was there. People needed to point out to me the racism... It was so... Quiet I didn't notice. People didn't want to be served by black people in the supermarket. People going 'after you m'am' like they were being polite to me letting me go ahead. They didn't want to be served by the black checkout operators.

Things didn'dt feel to me to be good for black people there. In supposedly civilised society.

There were a couple 'token' sort of black people in faculty. Considerably more noise was made about the oppression of women. Over half the student intake were purposely female. To detract from what wasn't there, I suppose.

The people who didn't make it in there, at all. I guess there was another state university in the state. I wonder if that universities demographic was more racially diverse...

I think... I feel good about the idea of moving around, now. Yeah. Not like i can afford a house, anyway... But you don't want to stay in any one place for too long. If you aren't moving you are... Dying. Or something..




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