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Re: Experiencing success with TMS

Posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2018, at 17:57:29

In reply to Re: Experiencing success with TMS alexandra_k, posted by Clearskies on August 27, 2018, at 0:34:42

I'm only writing it because the university won't acknowledge a qualification more than 5 years old, and so i need a new one.

i thought about qualifications i could do in other things...

i thought about physiology. but to do a degree in that there is a compulsory course where you experiment on a live sheep. you get to basically hold it's heart stopping beating and then inject it with adrenalin and see it come back to life. cool, hey! an important science experiment that is crucial for training the next generation of people who supposedly don't even want to be doing animal research - people who want to be helping people. and where grading comes down to what one particular person chooses to allocate for that course... and i know that person... and he is very controlling about people coming along and he tells them what to put here and there and he likes the suck ups. he likes to see the full stop there. he likes to see this statement here (even though he's actually wrong about things sometimes -- he's not very responsive to reason).

mostly qualifiations here come down to what one (strategically placed?) person chooses to allocate for an essay, or similar. that has the power to... make or break your degree. wehther you get GPA i mean.

so... keep your head down and suck up... important life skills we teach our grads. otherwise...

oh my. maybe they'll end up like me. let me be a lesson to them all.


im sure someone does have the power to go 'enough of this garbage'.

i read somewhere that the average candidate accepted to med in Canada has 3 applications. i wonder if we might be doing similarly. a similar sort of a thing. because of the... organisation and planning that is required to go onto just one. because if you don't have that... you might just find yourself beign burned out as junior doc keeping costs down for some CEO in a hospital in NZ where your work will never contribute towards your being qualified for anything. like that awful situation i've been finding myself in in the tertiary system here. with these awful people with too much power who seem strategically placed to further those who... will consent to atrocities. or similar.

i don't know if people will let me do it. i see that, now. you just go around in life wondering which people will decide they have nothing better to do than stabotage you. it really is the kiwi way.




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