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Screaming again...

Posted by Penny on August 27, 2003, at 9:13:37

Sorry - I had to share the following. This is my roommate's email to me that results from the email I got yesterday from her saying she might be moving "sooner rather than later." I told her that she should do what she feels she needs to, but that I just don't want her to leave me hanging.

Although I feel that "you do what you have to do", but in this case, I can't honestly do that. I try to take into account how my actions with moving may or may not affect you. I dont want to cause any more stress, hurt, harm, whatever in your life than I already have.

I don't have to or need to do anything- just thinking ahead. We have talked about it, and like I said the other day, I am willing to make it work if you are- unless things change otherwise. I have no problem with staying til Dec or even being there after December for however long. As I said before, I may be getting my aunt's house or the house in xxxxx. I moved basically to help you get on your feet when you got here seeing how your situation wasn't too steady and not knowing what would happen with you personally, financially, professionally, or academically. As you know, I didn't want to move at first and can afford to live alone. After you approached me with it, and I thought about it, I was ok with moving.

And moving was fine and the time has been ok. There have been a few spats or whatever between us, and I have dealt with it. I think our friendship has changed somewhat by living together. I am willing to work on things if you are willing to work on things- especially if you HONESTLY think you may not have it together financially to live alone by the end of the year (or Dec 26 rather). I just do not want to get to the point with you (and our friendship) of having "had it" (or had enough of it) and not give a s**t anymore what you go through or have to deal with or consequences of whatever- and I
have reached that point with xxxx, xxxx, and several others in my life right now- even with some of my family. I honestly don't want to get to that point and you know, and hopefully you knew this already, I would do anything for you that I could!

Do I make too big a deal out of her saying things about how she didn't want to move but she did it for me? Is it just me, or does this make it sound like she's just been doing me a favor this whole time???

I certainly didn't want to inconvenience her so much...

I'm such a nuisance.

December can't come soon enough.





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