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Horse hockey!!! Penny

Posted by Kar on August 27, 2003, at 11:59:16

In reply to Screaming again..., posted by Penny on August 27, 2003, at 9:13:37

Penny- damn I wish i had read your threads above. I only know a little bit of the Roommate Saga. Wow, it's amazing how you can make a decision about someone from a 3rd party description. I think this woman is unbelievably...God I can't even think of as word...Selfish...hurtful...obnoxious...i don't know where to begin. I'm mad and i don't even know her. I experienced a similar situation with a friend of mine quite recently so maybe it's a sore subject anyway...

>I try to take into account how my actions with moving may or may not affect you.

Um hmm. Yeahhhh...ahem...

>I dont want to cause any more stress, hurt, harm, whatever in your life than I already have.

This is how this type of person "works it"...she's the kind one, you're the screw up...

>work if you are- unless things change

Once again, it's conveniently on YOU. And it shouldn't be.

>moved basically to help you get on your feet when you got here seeing how your situation wasn't too steady and not knowing what would happen with you personally, financially, professionally, or academically.

Now that's just painful to read. Penny, i've read your posts...(not, unfortunately, many about this roommate)and i like you...I can tell you are a good person with a kind heart. So excuse me if i'm repeating what's been said.

>As you know, I didn't want to move at first and can afford to live alone.

Translation: "Let me remind you that I've done you a huge favor and I will always be able to use this against you for devious means if the case should arise"...but of course the means are not presented as devious, so once again, you're the bad girl.

>I just do not want to get to the point with you (and our friendship) of having "had it"

Well thank goodness your "relationship" is still intact. Adn thank goodness too, that she forgives you for being such a burden. Are you going to the movies together tonight? grrrr.

>I would do anything for you that I could!
Oh yes, she certainly has.
I'm still mad. But a diet vanilla coke will help me get over it. DOn't worry.

I think we'll have a Babble Party not for the holidays, but for your impending parting of the ways. She is not a good person and a friend would never ever ever behave so heinously (is that a word?).

A good friend of mine said to me, (after i "broke up" with my other friend just like your roommate in many ways), at this point in our lives we don't need to deal with all of the b.s. that a supposed "friend" supplies. life is too short. you are too good a person.
so sayonara
nice to know ya to her!!!! um not.
I think December is looking really good.
Now for some diet vanilla coke.

(oh,'re much better a friend than she could ever be because you'd never be so incomprehensibly callous. Find people that deserve you. She doesn't.)




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