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Re: knowing why doesn't help me much antigua

Posted by Larry Hoover on April 5, 2005, at 13:55:42

In reply to Re: knowing why doesn't help me much sunny10, posted by antigua on April 5, 2005, at 13:34:57

> I'm sorry. I can only hope that if I know why then maybe I can find a way to stop it. I haven't done that yet and maybe I'm just dreaming...
> best,
> antigua

Here's my experience with this process....

For many years, all I knew was that something was wrong. Something was seriously wrong, but I didn't know what. When it was suggested to me what was wrong, I couldn't accept it, and dismissed the idea out of hand. But I never forgot the idea, and I began to see that it offered an explanation for what was wrong, after all. That was better than before, when I had no idea at all what was wrong.

The frustrating part of coming to understand the what part of the wrong part is that I could only do it in retrospect, looking back at something that had happened, sometimes months or years before. What use is that, really?

But it's part of the flow. You can start to pick up on the pattern, and suddenly, one day, you pick up the pattern while it's happening. Yes, in Real Time! That's quite a thrill, let me tell you. It's like thinking "Look! There's one of those, right there!"

What triggered me to post that first post in this thread was one of those things that I didn't recognize. I didn't see that one coming, and I got a bit blindsided by it. I guess my frustration was huge because of the old feeling of total helplessness that comes from being snuck up on.

But, I figured that episode out, after only a few hours of reflection. I feel a whole lot better (though much for tired) now.

It's a new skill, and it takes practise. Remember the first time you got a bicycle to stay up? I bet it wasn't the first time you tried. This is kind of like that.

IMHO, when you've figured out what is wrong, you're 70 or 80% of the way towards actively sorting it out. Most of the work is done. All you gotta do now is catch sight of one those little suprises when it sneaks up you....sneaky little buggers.





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