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Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 27, 2020, at 1:21:58

In reply to Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?, posted by ert on May 26, 2020, at 5:17:50

I see. Does your husband cook, also? I like italian food.

I have heard weather in Arizona and the like is sunny sunny sunny and dry. More like Australia. I'm not sure if that is sort of where you mean. My knowledge of the US and regional variation is fairly limited I have not visited that part.

I think our warning system was borrowed from Singapore. It seemed like a very wise decision -- to borrow that one in particular, yes. I am pleased our leaders had the wisdom to do that and the capability to roll it out smoothly in a timely fashion. It was well done. Yes. I think the world agrees that it was very ideal, really, the way that it was handled in this part of the world.

But it is also important to keep that in perspective... A little bit humbled... About our borrowings. And about our luck of being able to observe things unfolding in other places with the benefit of that and of more time to strategise and roll out something appropriate.

> you shouldn't compare yourself too much with other people. it doesn't make you happy. you are unique as a human being. i think you have many talents. you can write well.

Thankyou. I think that everyone is special. There was a song... By this band... 'Death by Chocolate'. I mis-heard some lyrics. 'Because you're special... Just like everybody else'. And I interpreted it to mean that every human being is unique with their own unique strengths and beauties and abilities and accomplishments and so on... Every single one of us.

But that wasn't actually the meaning of the lyrics.

Comparisons are difficult, yes.

It is hard for me in NZ particularly, I think, becuase of the strong Maaori influence that is tribal. Group or community focused. People are often raised in sort of sports teams of families. I mean to say that the family is similar in number to a sports team. There is a community and commonality. People share rooms and are very physically intimate. Bouncing off each other etc. From when they are little and they share a bed with siblings...

It comes through culturally. The importance of group work. The importance of having a group. A tribe. The idea of strength in numbers.

I'm very much out on a limb... Out on my own... Going against the tide... Going against the norm... (It turns out)... In returning to University as an Undergrduate AFTER achieving success in graduate studies. They can't parse it. Why anybody would return to undergraduate studies after getting through them with good grades. They can't parse it. So they've set about to denying the grades that I've got and so on...

It's a difficult situation for me to be. Precisely because... I appear to be peer-less.

It's a strange thing...

I remember at Waikato when I was an undergraduate 1/3 of the undergraduates were mature (25 years or older). There were students returning to study becuase they wanted a change in career. E.g., people wanting to learn computer science later in life or whatever. So I thought that was normal.

Also, the adult students were excelling, often. Because they were highly motivated and studious. Good work ethic.

THen TV shows like ER where people (e.g., Abbey) go to night school or whatever to do classes so as to get to study Medicine.

So I got it into my head that there wouldn't be much of a problem. Enrol in classes. Work hard with that good work ethic. See results. I was a bit worried about whether I would have the capacity / capability to do it... But not heaps and heaps worried. I tend to believe that people can learn anythign they want. Usually when people aren't learning it is because motivation is lacking. Sometieme becuase primary needs are not met. Sometimes becuase you realise the course is not for you (e.g., me with personal training. Me with physiotherapy with the touchy feely requirement and complete disregard for informed consent).

But it's become... Alien. That whole ideology that I had has become an alien one for our culture.

I don't know... Weren't these people raised on those TV shows, too?

Why did they come to embrace an ideology of inter-generational class division and complete disregard for meritocracy adn the idea of workign ones way up?

I don't know.

> i would like to work for jacinda arden if i could. but you have to be pretty loyal when you work for the government.

Wow. I don't know how loyal you have to be, here. We don't have enough for people to be totally or entirely replaced depending on how the election turns out. So people are in... Either way, I think. I don't know.

If Jacinda has junior people working for her... Interns and clerks or whatever... If she is involved in training the next generation... We never see them. We never see her do that. Nobody in government. I don't really see a new generation coming through....

I'm not working for Hsuing.

I'm not working.

I'm not working, at all.

I'm waiting on the courts, presently.

The University of AUckland is required to follow their algorithm on Medical Student selections, you see. They repeatedly refuse to process my application properly in order to give my place to someone else. They miscalculate my GPA. Refuse to accept evidence of completion of degree. Etc etc etc. It's a scummy scammy scum.

On the upside... I hope a lot of online content has been developed this year and that clinical skills training, particularly, is learnable online. So students don't need to spend however many hours playing doctors and nurses with each other in order to demonstrate knowledge of clinical examination completely oblivious to informed consent.

I hope.

I hope they are better about people taking days off (learning from home) if they need to do that for their health, sometimes.

We will see.

I am going to join a gym tonight / tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about that.

We (welfare recipients) recently got a pay increase (after however many years). It will cost the entirety of that...

But the classes and the extra equipment and gear that gyms have... All of it... The atmosphere... Seeing differnet things that people are doing. Trying things out... It was something that was very meaningful for me, yeah, and a positive experience. Changes my metabolism. Fixes up my sleep / wake. Helps me remember what it's about. The book learning knowledge. Using that for practical things. How I wnanted to contribute in the form of knowledge. KNowledgeable expertise. A consulation. FOr peopel who want to know. Who have specific questions / problems. Help with something like that.

In the spirit of fixing up the weakest link:

1) Nutrition. Including portion control.

2) COre. Vaccums. Good old fashioned anterior abdominal strength. I have none of it. I learned in a time where anterior core was neglected and rubbish rubbished and everything was posterior chain this and that. I did start out having to work really really really really hard for gluteal activation. But my lumbar extensors are chronically tight / overactive / prone to overuse injury) and anterior core is my weakness. Time to fix that up.

Oh my. It almost sounds like I need to train like a bodybuilder.

Since I trained like a powerlifter (very low back and posterior chain). And I trained like a weightlifter... Quads...

So... I've... Come home to it, perhaps.

I live not far from the Original Les Mills. For the group fitness and I think there is a bodybuilding community there. Usually it's packed. But social distancing.... I guess you book in advance, now. We will see...

ANd there are a couple other affiliates that I can go to in the neighbourhood, too.

My brother was assistant manager of the Hamilton branch at some point His girlfriend / wife did a figure show or something... Through an Auckland one, I think. For a time when they were living apart because she had a job in Auckland...


We'll see.

I guess I can see the future of orthopedic surgeries that may be needed in NZ in the next 10 or 20 years seeing people moving about for the classes...

Try not to join them in that way, myself...




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