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Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?

Posted by alexandra_k on June 22, 2020, at 11:21:27

In reply to Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?, posted by alexandra_k on June 22, 2020, at 11:03:02

the actual idea of it.

i think the actual idea of it is that what you do is you learn a little bit about american history.

in particular, you learn a little bit about the development of various laws. particularly to do with business, taxation, stuff like that.

then you learn 'a bunch of people were doign x and making a lot of money at everyone else's expense and there was no way to stop them and so then they introduced y law'.

and then you see how New Zealand doesn't have y law. So now you know a way to make a lot of money in New Zealand at everyone else's expense.

and so there is this big push from these people (who think they are being very clever) to slow down or delay things for as long as possible.

because they aren't bright enough to figure how to make an honest living. becuase they aren't bright enough to figure how to help things develop in better directions. because they choose not to have lives worth living... they choose not to live meaningful lives. becuase htey choose not to find an ideal worth workign towards... because they don't want ot leave anything of value to the world or to future generations...

and thse people are very attracted to New Zealand.

also other islands, I'm sure. Tonga. Fiji. And so on. i'm sure relatively few American dollars goes a long way there, too. Authorities will turn a blind eye. Maybe even make arrangements for anything you like.

I imagine people in sail-boats are a huge problem. They don't come in through customs. Their boats aren't properly searched. And so on. I suppose it is the main way that human beings are trafficked and traded and drugs and guns and so on.

Because the government won't provide jobs / means for people to live within the law.

So there are always people willing to sell their children into slavery etc etc for next to no American dollars.

For sure.

It is not good, generally. It is not good to live a place that is 'long arm of the law' when one doesn't have persistent and repeated desire... or need... to violate teh laws.

Of course it depends a bit on the nature of the laws.

I understand some laws are only there to pathologise.

Like our professional registration regulations. Which, the media will have us belive, are only there to ensure that people chosen for professional careers will never be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity... While crimes committed because of the aforementioned thing about not allowing people to live within teh law... Prevent one.

Or if not... Then there is always psychiatry and the idea of involuntarily detaining people agains ttheir will when they have done nothing wrong.

We're starting that with our 'quarantine'.

Which isn't quarantine. It's 'managed isolation'. But (surprise surprise) NONE of the thigns that are supposed to happen happen.

THe people are supposed to get tested on day 3 and day 12. So they don't get tested. The people are supposed to turn back a negative test before leaving. So they aren't returning their test results and they are keeping them indefinately. At a cost to the taxpayer of how much per day???

It's a f*ck*ng shambolic shambles.

It's too haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard to know how many people will be arriving on an aeroplane...

Guess we shouldn't have let so many people become NZ citizens... I think 1/4 our entire population has dual residency / citizenship and lives overseas.

Well we kept on about what a great job we did of no CoronaVirus here. So now the people are flocking 'home'.

We haven't had a first wave, yet. Only a couple clusters that we managed to stomp out.




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