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Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us? ert

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 18:43:56

In reply to Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?, posted by ert on June 13, 2020, at 11:09:50

New Zealand does not abide by Human Rights. I assure you that the USA (at the Federal level, at least) as a better developed understanding of human rights than the New Zealand government does.

I understand things vary a bit by state. Things vary a bit by region here, too. But our laws offer very little protection for Human Rights, indeed. I have attempted to bring human rights violations to the the Human Rights Commission and most of our human rights laws have been redacted (or whatever the term is). Most of our Human Rights laws have been struck out. You have to prove that people are treating people badly *because of their race* compared to *just because they can*. And we treat everybody so very badly routinely as a matter of course... There are many... Indentured servants. Much underclass of white people. So... Good luck trying to prove that anything at all is becuase of race or disability or whatever. The chosen white will hold up a particularly stupid one of their own and claim that it has ADHD and needs a lawful prescription of meth to function which shows somehow that they aren't discriminating against people who are disabled becuase they are fairly represented...

I phoned the fraud hotline. Apparently it is set up for whistle-blowers to report cases of corruption. I phoned them up and informed them that Universities in New Zealand are not processing applications for enrolment in professional practice programs at least (that is to say medicine -- and probably law and engineering also) properly / fairly. Universities in New Zealand aren't grading students work according to best practice (blind grading the work against internationaly standards of academic values). Universities in New Zealand aren't signing students off when they have met the requirements for the Degree. New Zealand Universities are signing students off when they have NOT met the requirements for the Degree. They laughed and told me I didn't know what corruption meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans.

I went to Amnesty International in Auckland. I told them that Universities in New Zealand treat their students as slaves. They require the students to pay fees to them while working for them. Years after they were required to sign the studnet off and employ them (pay them) for continued labor if they wanted to extract continued labor from them, at all.

They laughted. Apparently Amnesty International is all about slavery overseas. In other countries. In poor developing third world countries. Not in rich countries like New Zealand. Said the French lady on the desk there after they video recorded me giving an interview about the supposed human rights violations in New Zealand.

I asked her what it is that they did in New Zealand, then. She said 'policy. We write and develop policy'. I asked her where the policly was, then. She actually had the... Something... TO look vaguely ashamed at that point. Mumbled something about a website...

I know things aren't perfect in the US. I know things vary a lot depending on where in teh US you are...

But I can assure you that things are mostly worse, here.

I can assure you that a lot of stealing and lying goes on here.

I understand you have problems with the USA having under-developed protections compared to some places in Europe. To be honest I don't know much of anything about these issues.

But I do know that in New Zealand we don't have the most basic level of accountabiltiy for spending in our public health system. I mean to say we don't have the most basic of accurate pay-roll information. We don't have the most basic of purchasing information. For every dollar that is spent on healthcare how much of it is spent on things that are useful? Compared to lining the pockets of our DHB administrators I mean to say. Supplies... Not being purchased. Being locked away so they are never used. Being diverted into private clinics... Things are worse, here. I am certain of that.

Our doctors don't know how to write competent file notes. I am almost certain of that. Don't know how to do a focused (15 minute) history of presenting symptoms. Don't have the capability to order relevnt laboratory tests. Don't have the medications that can be presribed. Don't have the laboratory tests come back (results be communicated back). Don't have the medications to home in on the correct prescsription after the results come back. Don't have timely referrals for cancers that have been found. Don't have screenings. Don't have yearly health checks. Don't have competent specialists (e.g., pathology, radiology) to help with diagnoses.

We hear an endless stream of incompetence and ineptitide resulting in death after death after death in our public health system.

But you know, the chosen white's kids get to do whatever they want to whomever they want because it is their God Given Right.

I can assure you that things are worse here.

We have LESS LAWS. Overall. And what laws we have are more likely to be written by lawyers representing business interests (to do with politicians on the take, I guess) than laws to help the people.

As can be seen by the sheer number of laws that have effectively been scribbled out each and every year.


I am making conversation mostly about your husband / your husband helping me. But I do have a picture in my head of a guy riding an Italian motorcycle in the dry sunshine...

I wish I didn't hate New Zealand so very very very very much. But it's incredibly frustrating to see the f*ck*ng idiot retards ruining things worse year after year after year after year while they pat themselves on the back for all the money they steal while refusing to allow this country to develop. Their f*ck*ng stupidity and moral ineptitute ruining things for us all.




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