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Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 9, 2020, at 6:47:55

In reply to Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?, posted by ert on May 6, 2020, at 6:59:46

Trump would have been going against UN advise if he had have closed the borders any earlier. The UN would have frowned a lot on him closing the borders to China before 'epidemic' was pronounced -- by them.

That was why he was so critical of them for (retrospection is a wonderful thing of course) pronouncing 'epidemic' earlier. Also more critical of China not being pushier about the information (coming out of Taiwan and Hong Kong) about person to person transmission.

It is a hard call. NZ was following further behind so got to see how very very badly things were unfolding overseas and close the borders 'relatively' early. Not temporally early, compared to overseas, though.

There have been issues about the legality of our lock-down. But no issues (I think) about our Prime Minister declaring a state of civil emergency *before* epidemic was pronounced by the UN. Or... Maybe her pronouncement was, actually, after, and the temporal lag we experienced (relative to New York) was what made her pronouncement the early stages of our transmission.

I'm not entirely sure.

We do seem to be on track, though with 0-2 new cases being discovered each day for the last few days 2 weeks after relaxing our restrictions somewhat.

My motorcycle is dead, I am afraid. It is an old bike (2007) and a cheaply made bike (with soft metals that have eroded and plastic bits that have bits broken and chipped) that has been kept outdoors in the rain and hail and even snow... And the sun and the shine.

It was falling apart, basically. From neglect -- since I didn't know how to look after it properly. Tune the various bits. It needed a new chain and sprockets and the dim headlight is something about the stator motor... Or... The mechanics weren't quite sure... They said they could order it for maybe $500. Then a couple hours labor maybe $200. So $900 dollars work on a maybe $1,500 or $2,000 bike to replace... And maybe that wouldn't turn out to be the problem... Maybe the headlight would still be dim. Could possibly be the bulb (need to order that in...) Or... So... Yeah...

My Mother said I could get a new bike (well, new second hand one). But then the problem is how I'm supposed to pay for the couple hundred dollars of maintenence work that needs to be done on it every few months to keep it in good shape.

Then add to that the fact that the kids downstairs wil kick it over periodically or otherwise maim it. Try and cut into the ignition, or whatever.

I do really miss not having one. I liked the freedom. Flying along on the motorway...

Feeling like a human being. An actual person.

Instead of being like:

Most people my age have a mortage on their house. Why don't I?? Why must I live like a child or a homeless person in temporary accommodation in the bottom demographic always???

Or: Most people have a car and use the roads. Why don't I??

Why am I locked out of normal society things always???

Perhaps I'm too stupid for a job

Gee, that must be it.

There have been times in my life when I apply and apply and apply and apply and apply...

But nobody processes my stuff anymore.

You know. Unless I get prior approvals and only submit what I'm supposed to submit when I'm supposed to submit it.

For sure.




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