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Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us? ert

Posted by alexandra_k on May 11, 2020, at 8:02:23

In reply to Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?, posted by ert on May 10, 2020, at 5:49:58

The media is going on about some 300 page document dump but all I can find is a 6 page proactive FYI release. It states that NZ closed borders to mainland China day after Australia. After the US, too. 2 Feb we did.

Yes, I understand the many bigger ports in the US made it much much harder for the US to close borders with China. And for China to close borders with the US, too. Nobody wants to be the guy to be wrong in a situation like that. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think the leaders all probably did the best they could for their people.

I think you are right about masks being more routine. I think there is also something more orderly about the culture. Contientiousness. Neatness. Neat and tidy. Hair carefully brushed. Don't touch your face. Things like that. So, all those other things about handwashing etc etc too.

Very different from cultures where people are more routinely physically intimate. High fiveing and fist bumping. Patting each other on their backs. Playfighting and hugging and kissing on cheeks.

I think that may be why the health people here are reluctant to reccommend face masks for most people. It would be likely to be something very very uncomfortable for rather a lot of people. They might be more inclined to touch them and adjust them all the time. Feeling awkward. Them becomming contaminated, even.

I find that wearing a face mask helps remind me not to touch my face. I actually feel safer and more confident with one on. But I don't think many people feel that way. I can't tolerate them for long... But I think the particular style I have is the issue more than anything. Waiting on some of a different type to arrive...

I have a Yamaha Scorpio SX-4. It would need to be pretty seriously dismantled to get at the wiring. I did think about gettign another Yamaha Scorpio SX-4. That way the old one could serve as a parts bike and I could start dismantling it and so on...

But then I thought that I didn't really have anyplace to dismantle it -- I would have to do that outside since I don't have a garage. And that would be a pain and I likely would not.

I ended up getting a bicycle instead. I keep it inside. Can put it on the balcony and do repairs. I feel like I should enjoy looking after it more... Cleaning the chain... Adjusting the brakes... But I mostly don't much like those tasks. Because I don't feel I have good tools / because I don't feel I properly know what I am doing. I persist... But I don't feel I properly enjoy that, yet.

I am worried I will try and do something, do it wrong, and make a hazard for myself. I don't trust my brakes after I replaced the brake pads, now. I don't know if the screws are tight enough or whether one might slip in an emergency...

Are you into motorcycles? What kinds of motorcycles?




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