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Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?

Posted by alexandra_k on June 22, 2020, at 11:03:02

In reply to Re: Would Dr Bob reveal personal information about us?, posted by alexandra_k on June 22, 2020, at 10:27:12

If you bring American dollars with you and you expect people to be very very influenced by those dollars and you can use that influence to carve out a life you like... Then you could have a life you like, in New Zealand.

But if you don't like the fact that most of the people here would sell their kid into slavery for those American dollars...

Or the fact that the vultures would do all kinds of awful sh*t behind your back if they thought they could get away with it without your finding out...

And there is simply bound to be a lot that is done behind your back that you won't like... At some point or other...

If those things don't bother you then, sure.

But if those things do bother you...

THen the issue becomes that the laws are less developed, here.

There are an awful lot of laws that are designed to protect the people. I mean to say laws against bribery and corruption so that it is possible to do business because people do what they way they will do when they say they will do it (Becuase the consequences of failure is too high)... We don't really have those laws. We don't really have consequences. So it makes it next to impossible to do business, here, unless you know this and plan for it. It's pretty tiresome trying to accomplish anything, here. Unless... You have a lot of money to play with and you find it fun to... Hold people to account, I guess.

Do things like... Buy citizenship and violate international regulations until the government is forced by international community to develop the same f*ck*ng laws that have already been developed by every other developed nation... Maybe run for parliament... To help the people understand why people buying citizenship is not a good idea. Maybe blow up a mosque... To help the people understand why people buying citizenship is not a good idea. Maybe shoot some people. To help the people understand why turnign a blind eye to harbour imports is not a good idea...

It's pretty f*ck*ng tiresome IMHO.

But I suppose it's a way of making a little go a longer way.

I mean to say that well intentioned people often can't seem to affect anything in their neighbourhoods. They often have more luck effecting positive change overseas someplace else...

Though I suppose psychopaths are also more psychopathic overseas...

It's a tough call.

I forget, a lot, how diverse things are in the US. Urban cities vs rural. There's a lot of 'long arm to the law' about rural parts of the US, too, I think I do get that.

Our country is a bit deceptive. It looks like it isn't far to drive from one place to another. But you need to factor in the poor quality of the roads and the hilliness. It makes places more isolated / insular than you might think.




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