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Re: hanging in there » shelliR

Posted by SLS on October 8, 2001, at 20:27:44

In reply to Re: hanging in there » SLS, posted by shelliR on October 8, 2001, at 17:24:57

> > The main one I had in mind was Lamictal.
> Well, it's how the weight gain works. It's all in my stomach and breasts and ankles. I'm happy with my regular breasts and I feel all the water weight just sitting on me.

Oh, I forgot.

> Plus I doubt it would even work a third time. Second time it took 400mg to work. I don't understand why the body likes something the first time and if you go back and try again, it sort of snubs its nose.

I guess withdrawing a drug might allow an opportunity for receptors and second messenger systems to play catch-up. They regroup and are ready for the next “attack”. I think Lamictal has treated me the same way it has you. The first time, it helped me more than it is helping now – and at half the dose.

> Anyway, today I went to my pdoc willing to try effexor and he said that he wants to keep me on nardil and have me go up to 60mg and I should just take more valium and more aterex to sleep at night.

I’m glad you are willing to consider treatments for which you already have some prejudice against. You never know.

> Re effexor:
> The thing that scares me about effexsor is those flashing things that go around your head that make me think all is not right. No one should get electric shocks from a drug.

I’m confused (not so difficult to do). Have you already tried Effexor? I think the electric-shock thing is associated with the discontinuation of the drug rather than its use during treatment. I experienced these electric shocks as withdrawal symptoms from Effexor, Nardil, Parnate, Ativan, and Klonopin. Effexor is not unique in this regard. The shocks from these drugs pretty much all felt the same.

> Also one of my friends had a long lasting effect on her joints, so she said.

Joint pain is a rather common side effect from drugs that inhibit the reuptake of serotonin: SSRIs and Effexor. It is often part of the “flu-like symptoms” that these drugs can produce. You’d have to ask Cam W. or Sunnely more about it.

> It's the possibility of joint damage that bothers me, or that it will screw up my immune system and on top of everything else I'll have FMS or CFS. That's scary stuff to me.

I can’t comment with surety that SRIs are incapable of producing FMS or CFS. Your thinking is very sound, though. I don’t think you would have to worry about physical damage to your joints in the absence of alterations of the immune system.

> The people who say that they never were the same again.

I am interested to know more. I was unaware of this possibility. Can you describe what symptoms appeared and for how long after discontinuing these drugs they persisted?

> I just want to be normal. I am too old to get my old body back anyway, no matter how much I lose. I don't want to be fat.
> Or very very thin. Just NORMAL.

> But adding 15lbs now would really crush any self esteem I have left.

I understand how taxing on one’s self-esteem these illnesses are. For me, they produce a biological warping of thought to yield unrealistically negative perceptions of myself. They also have relegated my life, as accurately perceived by anyone, to a mere fraction of my potential for achievement and my capacity to create and enjoy the experience of living. I am nothing but failure when compared to those I grew up with.

Having said all of that, I cannot now find sufficient words to describe how much I think of your intelligence, your effective and constructive use of that intelligence, your warmth, your caring, your social adeptness and approachability, your tenacity to work and achieve, your willingness to endure pain and hardship to maintain your life and personal affairs, and your richness and complexity of personality.

Well, I guess I did find a few words after all. You have much to be proud of. I have plenty of esteem for you to throw some back in your direction. Hold on to it.


- Scott




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