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Re: hanging in there » SLS

Posted by shelliR on October 8, 2001, at 17:24:57

In reply to Re: hanging in there » shelliR, posted by SLS on October 8, 2001, at 14:03:51

Hi Scott.

> The main one I had in mind was Lamictal.

Well, it's how the weight gain works. It's all in my stomach and breasts and ankles. I'm happy with my regular breasts and I feel all the water weight just sitting on me. Plus I doubt it would even work a third time. Second time it took 400mg to work. I don't understand why the body likes something the first time and if you go back and try again, it sort of snubs its nose.

But I'm sure you have the same question about not working anymore, all the time. With me it was a hormonal change I think that caused the nardil not to work. And my pdoc never encouraged me to go higher on nardil because of the sleeping problems.

Anyway, today I went to my pdoc willing to try effexor and he said that he wants to keep me on nardil and have me go up to 60mg and I should just take more valium and more aterex to sleep at night.

Re effexor:
The thing that scares me about effexsor is those flashing things that go around your head that make me think all is not right. No one should get electric shocks from a drug. Also one of my friends had a long lasting effect on her joints, so she said. It's the possibility of joint damage that bothers me, or that it will screw up my immune system and on top of everything else I'll have FMS or CFS. That's scary stuff to me. The people who say that they never were the same again.
> I hope you knew where I was coming from. I hope I made myself clear in conveying to you that I am as picky as you are, and that I also place great importance on my physical beauty and sexuality. But I am trying to pound the idea into my head that I don’t have the luxury of too many options at this point. I am frustrated for us both.

I just want to be normal. I am too old to get my old body back anyway, no matter how much I lose. I don't want to be fat.
Or very very thin. Just NORMAL.

> > And it would feel horrible to fight hunger all the time; that's how most people describe it. It's really unhealthy to be obsese and a bad self-imagine is not nothing; and I could see me going there.
> Did the 15 pounds you gained on Lamictal push you into the category of obesity?

Not obsese in the sense of people thinking that I am huge. But I'm truly 20lbs heavier than I should be, and I can sort of live with that. I don't want to, and I am trying really hard to lose the weight. But adding 15lbs now would really crush any self esteem I have left.
> > I think it was Dr. Stahl who was giving his patients heavy duty diet pills with remeron.
> Really? How well did it work? I’ll keep that in mind.

I read it on PB. (In the same thread in which he had been quoted as saying things like zantac can prevent weight gain. And he vigorously denied it. Then he said that he's found it really hard with patients and weight and sometimes uses some diet pill stuff on a short term basis.) But I don't get what a short term basis would do, unless you are taking remeron for only a short time.
> > Effexor I tried years ago and couldn't keep it down. Even a half of pill.
> For how many consecutive days did you try it?
2; 1 whole pill; next day 1/2 pill. How many times do you have to throw up to decide you body is telling you, "I don't like that drug?"
> It is my impression that the nausea is caused by the actions of the drug in the brain as opposed to it upsetting the stomach directly like Depakote can. Within the first 10 minutes of my first dose, I had explosive dry-heaves the likes of which I’d never known. They dissipated within 15 – 20 minutes, and I never had trouble again. Most people who experience nausea initially see it disappear within the first week. It sounds like yours might be different, though. What do you think?

Well, mine just heaved right on out. I can't imagine how your body can get used to that because if its expelling the substance then the next day you're at the same place. I guess I could have started with tiny bits, but then I went back on nardil and it worked better.

> > If I knew my pdoc was right about reaching a steady state of oxy, I have no side effects from that. But I don't know whether to believe him (how can he really know?) and then be stuck having on a huge dose and with no effectiveness.
> I mentioned a drug called memantine in another thread. This drug is reported to prevent the phenomenon of tolerance to opioids. I would have to research it in more depth to determine if this is limited to their analgesic effects or if it applies to their psychotropic effects as well. Memantine is in clinical phase III trials for the indication of Alzheimer’s Dementia, but it is reported to be effective for treating a variety of psychiatric and neurological conditions. Like Provigil, it will probably sell more prescriptions for off-label use than that for which it will be approved.

Sounds great. But how many years is phase III to your drugstore?

> I’m sorry I write such long posts.
well, they don't seem long to read, just hard to answer. So I read it all, but can't respond to it all. I think posts seems to take longer for me to write than most people.





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