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Re: Update shelliR

Posted by Elizabeth on September 14, 2001, at 23:27:26

In reply to Re: Update Lorainne, Elizabeth, et. al. Lorraine, posted by shelliR on September 14, 2001, at 11:06:10

[re DC:]
> I think it's probably still true in lawyer circles and some other work type situations, but I'm not much connected to that world.

DC always seemed like a very segregated city -- there's the little part of town where all the politicians and lawyers hang out, and the rest of it is just as bad as any part of New York or L.A.

> I imagine though in general, it is more formal.

Yes, compared with other big cities, DCers seem to dress conservatively (like, everybody wears a suit -- no "business casual," no high fashion, etc.).

> Like I wouldn't ever go into the city wearing shorts, even discounting my age and my enlarged body.

I didn't know that you're having weight problems. Sorry to hear it. Was it related to meds? (trying desperately to find some way to make this post marginally topical)

> Like in Santa Fe, all bodies wore shorts. :-) (or western hippie attire.)

Santa Fe always sounded to me like an all-around cool town. I've only been to NM once, and I didn't make it to Santa Fe that time. And I don't have an excuse to go back -- at the time, my boyfriend from college was working at one of the national labs, but he's since moved to Rockville, MD (which is, coincidentally, where I lived until I was 8), and is working for a biotech company. He must be making a lot of money doing that, because I seem to recall that Sandia was paying him a lot already. (I guess a Ph.D. from MIT is really worth something. < g >)

> Well, I've never used TV as a distraction. It doesn't engage enough of my mind for it to be a distraction.

< g > I was about to suggest reading, but then I read further where you brought it up! Are you reading anything right now? I think it's been a while since I read anything other than textbooks, journals, or the occasional magazine or newspaper.

> I have not done any work this week so far, including printing, etc.

A lot of people I've talked to say they haven't been getting anything done this week (even the ones who don't work in New York). I know I haven't, but that's nothing new. :-}

> I hope it will feel like that; it always has before. I am going to *try* to limit my sittings this fall because of my depression. I would rather do that than go in the hospital. I don't see any benefit in being in the hospital now, aside from keeping me alive, which I'd rather do outside the hospital.

Yeah, I never saw the point of psych hospitals unless someone is in danger of hurting themselves (or somebody else). Have you ever gotten anything out of a hospital stay?

> I went with some friends to the beach (just for the day) right after it kicked in and I talked the entire day without shutting up. That's why I am suspicious of this new trend of labeling people bipolar II based on drug induced hypermania. Because it was a temporary thing for me, but the antidepressant events went on for years.

I agree. MAOIs have some effects similar to those of stimulants, and they can cause some initial wiredness. Parnate did that to me more than Nardil did. It was only temporary for me, too. Unipolar depressives do sometimes have AD-induced mania, but that doesn't mean they're bipolar -- any effective AD can cause mania, IMO. (It's "hypomania," BTW.)

> Well, as I said, I did consistently okay on 30mg, but I never felt totally without depression in my life.

30 mg of Nardil is not much. 45 is marginal, and most people seem to need at least 60.





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