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me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:11:27

me me me me me
all the things for me
me first
me me me
watch me lead

i get the vaccine first!!!
me me, me me me
i am the great leader
leading by example

i lead by example with all the money too
me me, me me me
me me me me, me me me me me
listen to me
me me
me me me me me

i get all the things first in the name of 'equity'
we call it 'leading by example'
we pick out one or two or three
(me me me me me)
to 'lead by example'
me me, me me me

we need the 'get vaccinated' message to not be seen to be coming from the government

so the government is going to employ 'community leaders'

and those 'community leaders' will say:
what they are told.


know what doesn't happen:

(1) assess the will of the people.

how does that work:

(Q) if you were offered a vaccine in the next 6 months would you take it?

(A) the people who say 'yes!' -- how many of them are there?

we don't even know. we are too busy playing this game:

(2) leaders decide on a situation whereby an elite minority have their rights respected and the vast majority have their rights disrespected.

(Q) how are we going to prevent getting vaccine to people who want one, and get vaccine into people who don't want one?

(A) we will withhold vaccine from the people who are sure / certain they want one (unless they are 'community leaders' me me meme meme me (aka the elite minority e.g., CEO's of hospitals who don't even see patients) and we will simultaneously engage in a large campaign of parading these people around as 'leaders' in some attempt to co-erce people into having vaccines when they don't want them.

(A) of course it's the Australians who are big on forcing people to vaccinate against their will (only when poor). E.g., refusing to allow unvaccinated at PUBLIC ONLY schools or refusing CENTRELINK (welfare) payments if people won't vaccinate...

(A) of course most other nations won't do the heavy-handed version of forced compliance that AUstralia will. But they will parade the CEO's and the like as 'leaders' who 'get vaccinated first' because of some weak and pathetic excuse about how they need to be seen to be leading by example or whatever in the government strategy of attempting to force people to comply with it's will. con. swindle. persuade. mob up on.

(A) it really is just about power. about people forcing other people to comply with their will. not becuase they genuinely think they know better than the people what is good for the people, even. but simply because... they can. they are. they are getting away with it.

could be be any better at being any worse?

i don't even see us trying.

not even a teensy tinsy bit.


Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:18:44

In reply to me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:11:27

that's just the whole kiwi way. people throwing their weight around (so to speak) for no other reason than: they can. whenever they can. opportunity is enough.

in pretty much every sphere:

social housing, too.

(1) Do a needs assessment. That doesn't mean telling people what they need. It means letting the people say what they need. It doesn't mean designing the forms so that people are prevented from saying what they need. It means letting the peple say what they need.

(2) We are too busy saying 'no no no no no there isn't enough! we don't have enough! you can't have anything! we see what you need and you can't have it. we have precisely what you need and we withhold it from you. because we can. that's what we do. that's simply what we do.

They are too full of rubbish rubbish garbage nonsense...

People are forced to live in houses too big (single people forced to live in multi-bedroom houses) and people are forced to live in houses too small (families living in a single room).

And there will be no end to the rubbish rubbish rubbish b*llsh*t made up nonsense excuses...

About why so many habitable houses are empty while people are forced into grossly unsuitable houses at both ends of the size spectrum.

its only about keeping the people....

low low low low low

that's the only question really: how low can they go?

how low have they gone already?

they aren't processing any of the things according to an objective criteria. it's all about blow-jobs and mob rule in these parts.

f*ck*ng cowboys... ruining things for us all...


Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:30:52

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:18:44

and they don't sign the students off

one year of research completed in 2018 -- where is my f*ck*ng degree?

and they don't process the applications

they don't process teh applications to medical school

to public medical school

where the students are students in the public hospitals

where the studnets pass themselves off as specialist consultants in the public hospitals (with little supervision) after 6 years of study (with no prior degree required)

when there is wrongful death and wrongful death and sexual violation and gross misconduct

when there is not much hand sanitiser being ordered at all
when there are few to no uniforms (just throw your laundry in with your families laundry)
when there are few to no fit tested masks

when the hospitals pay people who lie about who they are (impersonate someone with medical degrees) when the hospitals employ people who aren't qualified

(waikat hospital at least 2 x in the past 20 years employing psychiatrists who were frauds / phoneys)

do you want to know how many years they got away with being frauds / phoneys?

on payroll?

involuntarily detaining people against their will...
discharging people who go on to commit suicide.
mostly suicide.

and they are only the couple who got caught.

most of them don't get caught.


cheap cheap cheep cheep cheeeeeeeeeeep

how low can we go?

no no no no no you can't study medicine in NZ, silly girl!!!

you didn't bribe us enough.

you didn't have the grand plan on how you were going to make that bribe money back (with interest) by selling hospital supplies and biological materials like tumors or blood plasma or antibiodies from blood plasma...

making prion diseases.

and the like.

silly silly girl.

we only hire those people. those are the people who look us deep into our eyes and go 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i looooooooooooooooove you'.

'i will work for no pay!'

'i wil do operations without washing my hands and turn a blind eye to the fact you were too cheap to run the sterailisers properly or hire competent staff'

'i will turn a blind eye to how the people doing the operations are people paying to do them from overseas. rich people who... want ot do that. yo know. some people wnat to buy a child for porn slavery and some others want to cut into people. some people just roll like that'

land of opportunity, right here.

take what yo ucan for as long as you can because you can

it's the great plan

it's how we ensure progress is slow, slow, slooooooooooooooooow, slower than slower than slow

how low will we go?

it's interesting what the government is trying to sell to the people abuot why we can't have vaccines for some time yet.

what did we contribute to their developoment, again?
whatever happened to our mighty research leaders and their vaccine research that they were doing prior to Covid?
oh. we were just going to throw an endless succession of monehy at them to ensure that no vaccines would ever be produced to market.
not in NZ.

i do wonder quite a lot whether our leaders are carefully selected by overseas in an act of stabotage. espionage. or similar.

i mean... if the UK and the US and so on didn't want to work to be better they could just try and ensure that things were worse for everybody else... overseas and the like...

they acknowledge our leaders as leaders.

i mean to say.

Harvard just acknowledged NCEA as a qualification they recognise.

That means they bear some responsibility for the quality of the NCEA questions. whether history only passes the racists and so on.


Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:43:10

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:30:52

they don't process the applications...

all these busy-work jobs. that's what they are.

process the applications. process the applications. process the applications.

whether it be applications for visa, whether it be applications for enrolment, whether it be appliations for a job position...

they simply don't. they simply won't. process the applications.

nooooooooooooooooooooooo it's not supposed to be picking the ones you 'like' for arbitrary reasons. noooooooooooooooo it's not supposed to be picking the one who phones you every morning to flatter you and ask how it's going and be your best friend. nooooooooooooo it's not supposed to be picking the ones who bribe the most. noooooooooooooooooo it's not supposed to be picking the richest because you think that thats's what it means to be richest. nooooooooooooo it's not supposed to be about sexual favors.

and they just can't / won't do it.

they won't.

they don't realise (or care) about their prejudices and false assumptions and so on. they make snap judgements for wrong reasons / for irrelevant reasons and then they become entirely committed to the 'decision' (snap judgement) they made.

i can't function here because the people who are given the power to make the decisions don't do any of the things they are supposed to do. Which is, of course, why they are paid. to ensure those things are not done.

like how the Ombudsman prevented ANYBODY from unannounced inspections (protected the hospitals and the prisons by always announcing his visit well in advance and then by ineffectually whining and by saying he didn't see any problems because he's obviously f*ck*ng blind).

that's how we honor our obligations.

by hiring gross incompetents to meet them.

and when you point out the 'setting someone up to fail because you wanted them to fail at the task you set becuase you don't want the task to be done'

whether it's

reducing harmful climate change
human rights
equity (fairness) in how people are treated

the elite minority ensures only grossly incompetent people are hired to do the things that are supposed to be done...

we know

becaue they refuse to process applications from anybody competent.

they refuse to enrol

they refuse to confer qualifications

they refuse to pubically advertise positions

and i can hear them

'hahahahahahha and what are YOU going to do about it?'

and i think to myself:

how do you live with yourself? knowing that the world is so very much worse for having had you in it? thinking about the development that could have ocurred except for you holding your people back?

i don't see people...

people don't see me...

just stay home everybody. in your houses. oh, you don't have a house. hahahahahaha what are you going to do about it?

i'm not interested in leading a mob.

it's called... stooping to their level.

the foreigners with immunity will be here, soon.

the ventillators are here, already.


Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:58:34

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:43:10

and they will let them in because they are rich.

and they will let them 'work' in the hospitals because they won't require much in the way of being paid.

and in this manner it will look like we have a staffed hospital system of people who won't say things like 'we don't have enough hand sanitiser and we don't have fit tested masks' they will just use less of these things...

and since they are impersonators they won't point out other impersonators that are there, too.

and if they see that people aren't doing their jobs properly... if they see that the field isn't sterile or whatever they will keep their mouths shut.

the incompetentices of the incompetent.

the malevolence of the psychopathic.

often they blend and merge from people too stupid to tell the difference...

and there's just this huge... collusion.

the 'consultant' who isn't within 20 minutes from the hospital. partly because anything other than across the road isn't within 20 minutes from the hospital becuase of traffic and parking and the like. there likely aren't any carparks available to clinical staff who need to be in the hospital because the managers and the administrators and the like will only see that having a 'prime' parking space is some symbol of head of hierarchy and they will take for themselves... because they can. obviously.

and so people know not to call... because there's no way the person is going to get there in time. and quid pro quo. nobody's going to get there in time.

they don't pay them enough to live close. they don't want them being close. it's not like their presence actually would make any kind of difference anyway -- right? i mean... the lack of wrongful death means the patient actually has a better chance the less people we hire...

the students who are only too willing to pass themselves off as senior / top / in charge / in control.

only too willing to have patients and staff both believe that they are senior consultants.


and what are YOU doing to do about it?


here's the thing: It's not my job to do anything about it.

it's yours.

and since you don't listen to any of the things i say about how to make things better, how to improve things, and so on (and it isn't at all about there not being enough it's all in how we refuse to do any of the things that we are supposed to do regularly reliably repeatedly)...

i am going to point out how it is that you don't do any of the things that you are supposed to do...

and hopefully they'll get rid of you.

and replace you with somebody competent. who actually does teh f*ck*ng job the way the f*ck*ng job is supposed to be f*ck*ng done.

and then other people will be able to function, too.

till then: YOU are being paid to do something about it?

why don't you do your f*ck*ng job or get out the way so that someone who can can get on with it?



Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:08:57

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:58:34

my job is to be retarded disabilty girl on welfare which is to say the lowest of the lowest of the government paid workers.

it looks kinda bad that i have 2 masters degrees and i should have been trained in medicine well before now...


they were supposed to process the applications properly all along...

back in 2012 and 2013 when i was seeking advice about things...

they should have told me 'well, given your GPA it's kinda likely on objective criterion you will be ranked highly enough for a place'

and they also should have told me `well... people are in the process of taking the science out of medicine because they want the kids of the tribal leaders (of all races) to do it and those kids some combination of can't / won't do it and because we also don't want to pay them and we can withhold qualifications / pay from them by refusing to sign them off for whatever reason we can muster and so if you don't want us to try and flunk you out for lack of science (rahter than try and flunk you out for your exit payment bribe down the track when we only sign off on people who bribe us -- unless we don't want to in which case we don't sign off on them because they paid a bribe) then you might want to... take 2 years to do year 12 and year 13 before starting med...

but instead they got all greedy and said i needed to finish another degree in NZ. so that i'd be forced to pay the universities for another degree. only they don't give degrees to people who have met the requirements for them, anymore.

they don't allow people to work to international standards of scholarship.

you are required to design experiments that involve unethical conduct / torture types of things for animals or (ideally) people. these will be signed off on swiftly by NZ ethics boards (in the hire only the incompetent to not do their job fashion) and your research will likely get published if it is awful enough. so that when you apply for things... they will take a gander at your research... and when you basically say 'i tortured animals / people solely for fun / solely on an exploratory sort of a fishing expedition / even when i didn't have the most basic level of stats to have any hope in finding anything important or useful, or even when i was doing a poor approximation of other peoples work, or even when i was making sloppy mistakes which unermined any possible contribution that my work could have made'...

these kinds of people. we sign them off only after we've spent years torturing that out of them.

turning whatever they wanted to do / learn about into something... like that. we would sign that off becuase that person had been used up / burned out / neutralised.

neutralised with respect to what?


to making a positive genuine contribution.

to being a positive contributor.

we managed to pervert them into the programme of 'how low can we go for how many?'

who wants to do graduate research in NZ??


Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:21:18

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:08:57

stem cell research anyone?
nz is one of the only countries where the ethics board will allow it.

do you want to do research on old people?
people who have been kept immobilised in aged care institutions / hospitals?
people who can't give informed consent?
people who can't have their screams of protest heard?

nz was in the process of having laws changed so that people could experiment on old people who were incapable of giving informed consent. the idea was they were incapable of refusing to give informed consent and so we should thereby regard their consent to be implied.

it was some american person who seemed to be trying to get that pushed through.

i don't know what that was about.

what she testing to see if anybody in the centre for applied ethics at Otago would speak out / up and say that experimenting on people when they had not given informed consent to participate in the experiment was wrong?

was it the UN or someone seeing whether they could do business with NZ or how badly corrupted things were, here?

or would the University really have fired anyone who spoke out / who spoke up?

i said that i did not agree that they should allow people to experiment on people against their consent. i also said that if they really were going to change the law in that direction... they should allow people to make some kind of advance directive of their will to be known. so that people could say when they had their faculties in tact 'I DO NOT CONSENT to be a participant in scientific research once I lack the capacity to scream out in protest' or similar.

nobody liked that suggestion.

it was a set-up?




it's easier to have an abortion than to have access to birth control, often.

how else you think we are going to get the stem cells etc?

they ask people's permission before taking placentas and the like?

hahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahaha course they don't.

opportunism and all that.

anyone might think that we are trying intentionally to produce foetal / infant birth tissue. with our high birth rate.

and our infant mortality rate.

anyone might think that we like caserian births because the father isn't present and the mother is anesthetised. all the better to take samples from... to infect infants with.... to do whatever we want. basically. see what variants of HPV do over the long term... and so on...

how low will we go??

will our government look after the interests of the people?

or did foreign business only install them... in some kind of an... exhiit. for getting people to comply with our people have no value.

not according to me.

according to the way we treat them / allow them to be treated / force them to be treated / force them.

steal from

refuse to listen to

experiment on



Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:28:32

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:21:18

i most certainly did not come back to new zealand in order to do philosophy.

only hire the incompetent?


slow slow slow slow slow

the only question is 'how slow can we force things to go'





the whole aim / idea is to slow everything down until everything grinds to a stop.

they took the philosophy out, too.

they go: 'we don't teach from the original texts because our students lack the capacity to read the original texts'

and by saying it... they get it to come into be. in some speech act. they have pronounced it.

it is just another way of saying that they choose to turn the subject into something that does not reward (or require) people to have the ability to read subtle... nuanced...

the whole process of literary interpretation or scholarly interpretation. ambiguities in the text and so on...

it's all dumped. in favor of the teachers power-point bullet-point slide-notes. that shall be turned into proper sentances that google will approve of the grammar of.

people will only be allowed to do tasks that computers can do better.

low low low low low. how low can we go?






we can't force people to work any slower.

but it's about keeping them busy while withholding the most basic of resources

we don't have universities.


Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:37:59

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:28:32

of course it's that there's an elite minority who are picked out to do degrees...

and then there's the great unwashed masses who are picked out to do 'stupid' degrees and are only signed off on as being morally incompetent / psychopathic and or statistically incompetent and / or...

the point being that a few people were chosen to have 'real degrees' (well, pieces of paper the university is going to still acknowledge in 5 years)

and the majority are chosen to enrol in 'stupid degrees' where the point is that they get themselves into debt throwing money at the university until they 'wise up' and realise they are only getting 'stupid degrees' and they settle into whatever pay scale the government has decided is appropriate for them.

because the government knows, you see.

the government has great foresight about what skills will be required going into the future.

the government has committed itself to people becoming sicker and sicker and sicker and living for longer and longer with less mobility / capacity to protest against being experimented on.

so... they want to increase the number of scientific researchers who want to do experiments on immobilised people who nobody cares about.

its all very understandable.

the great plan.

it's terrific, isn't it that the governmetn is trying to force everyone to do things they don't want to do...

before they even bother *asking* people what they want to do.

they go 'too many people want ot do medicine so we need to limit the number of places'.

then why don't they make it graduate entry. presently people train to do medicine and end up working in non-clinical roles in the government and so on. they were a waste of a training place. if they had have done a different undergrad degree they would have been better qualified for their current jobs. all they did was prevent someone clinical from doing that. (of course that's the point).

they intentionally try and get everybody wanting to be a doctor.

that's why our national programme is Shortland Street.

that's why.

it *educated* several generations on what it *is* or what it *means* to be a doctor in NZ. in the public hospitals. that's a factor that inspires or motivates people to want to work in the hospitals in NZ. it's often the most significant exposure to what is behind people saying they want that career path / trajectory.

it's all just an elaborate set up.

nobody saw it coming?

yeah, right.

all the conceived in alchohol and born into oxygen deprivation raised being beat about the head in the name of national sport longitudinal study of how low can we go wouldn't blind people to the obvious.

all the stuff in the water...


compliant population

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:38:33

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:37:59

so how did NZ get such a compliant population anyway...

compared to the US

something in water?


Re: compliant population

Posted by sigismund on January 20, 2021, at 23:44:06

In reply to compliant population, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:38:33


Re: compliant population

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 14:38:52

In reply to Re: compliant population, posted by sigismund on January 20, 2021, at 23:44:06

I don't even know what to think.

Was the footage produced by media film-crew or someone affiliated / associated with the group?

Was the guy in the cops uniform really a paid police officer or someone affiliated / associated with the group?

What was going on outside?

Usually the thing is people before property. The people in that part of the building had been evacuated.

I'm not really sure what to say.

Trump wasn't supposed to leave until... The inauguration. Right? That's what the inauguration is? The hand-over? The welcoming in the next.

After... A process of vote counting. After a process of checking that the votes were counted. After a process of checking which votes should be counted (various things flouting various rules of posting deadline and scribbling things in the wrong place and so on).

Most other countries...

New Zealand, say...

Likely doesn't even bother to count the votes. There is never any question about whether the votes were counted. There is never any question about who is going to win the election, really, anyway. It's always a one-horse race. Why bother feeding dirty money to more than one candidate when only one candidate is going to win.

Chloe Swarbrick got a huge billboard of her face along Karangahape Road (a major road in Central Auckalnd in her electorate). She was the only one who got air time from the television online video coverage media. I didn't know the names of the other candidates standing in the electorate. I didn't know their faces. It was a one horse race.

Who paid for that billboard?

What did the other nominees do with their money?

He captures the popular imagination because he looks like something out of ''Game of Thrones'' or something like that. Very prime time television sort of futuristic medieval... Like a real life action hero sort of a...


I don't know what to say...

I do take the point that if he was black he likely would have been shot by now.

People just... Sit back and watch him.

Like he's part of a film-set with a camera-crew.

Don't mess up his make-up.



Re: compliant population

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 14:41:58

In reply to Re: compliant population, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 14:38:52

I am thinking of some Australian TV show... I can't remember what it was. These blokes doing audatious things. Wasn't there something about them putting on grins and... What did they do, again?

WIth some visiting US officials. Was it that they conned their way into being part of a motor caid? Is that even a word? A security car procession thing for the president or similar... Or they conned themselves into an inner chamber of some kind...

They thought it was funny / but they were also disturbed how far they managed to con their way in. It ended up being not so funny... Outright embarrassing. The security violation. To show how thin / fragile it really was. How it likely wasn't safe, at all, for people to visit if someone serously did wish harm against them the security measures were not really there. Not at an operational level.


Re: compliant population

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 14:49:22

In reply to Re: compliant population, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 14:38:52

I think that's the thing of it.


If you got a black guy in a GI Joe all American Hero get-up with a flag painted across his face...

Maybe even military uniform. Immaculate. Clean and pressed.

I mean those furs were kept *beautiful* -- right? How hard is it to keep furs looking all brushed and clean and fresh like that?

You know, really expensive, quality materials. All nicely neatly tailored.

Maybe some bravery medals...

So the inclincation of the guard it to stand up to attention and salute..

I don't know...

I just mean to say that...

Things mostly are not what they seem.

The media is just a big con-munications thing.

'What do they want me to think -- and why?'

But of course that can start to do your head in.

The real answer is usually: Because they have all the things. All the money and all the resources and all of the things. ANd they have some big sob con farce to try and have people feel more accepting of that. Of them having all the things and others having considerably less, next to nothing. The big con to get people producing and doing work... For no remuneration or credit or acknowledgement.

That pretty much seems to sum it up.


Re: compliant population alexandra_k

Posted by sigismund on January 25, 2021, at 23:02:52

In reply to Re: compliant population, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 14:38:52

>or someone affiliated / associated with the group?

It would have to be from a cellphone of one of them.

This is the end of the thread.

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