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Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:18:44

In reply to me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:11:27

that's just the whole kiwi way. people throwing their weight around (so to speak) for no other reason than: they can. whenever they can. opportunity is enough.

in pretty much every sphere:

social housing, too.

(1) Do a needs assessment. That doesn't mean telling people what they need. It means letting the people say what they need. It doesn't mean designing the forms so that people are prevented from saying what they need. It means letting the peple say what they need.

(2) We are too busy saying 'no no no no no there isn't enough! we don't have enough! you can't have anything! we see what you need and you can't have it. we have precisely what you need and we withhold it from you. because we can. that's what we do. that's simply what we do.

They are too full of rubbish rubbish garbage nonsense...

People are forced to live in houses too big (single people forced to live in multi-bedroom houses) and people are forced to live in houses too small (families living in a single room).

And there will be no end to the rubbish rubbish rubbish b*llsh*t made up nonsense excuses...

About why so many habitable houses are empty while people are forced into grossly unsuitable houses at both ends of the size spectrum.

its only about keeping the people....

low low low low low

that's the only question really: how low can they go?

how low have they gone already?

they aren't processing any of the things according to an objective criteria. it's all about blow-jobs and mob rule in these parts.

f*ck*ng cowboys... ruining things for us all...




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