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Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:37:59

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:28:32

of course it's that there's an elite minority who are picked out to do degrees...

and then there's the great unwashed masses who are picked out to do 'stupid' degrees and are only signed off on as being morally incompetent / psychopathic and or statistically incompetent and / or...

the point being that a few people were chosen to have 'real degrees' (well, pieces of paper the university is going to still acknowledge in 5 years)

and the majority are chosen to enrol in 'stupid degrees' where the point is that they get themselves into debt throwing money at the university until they 'wise up' and realise they are only getting 'stupid degrees' and they settle into whatever pay scale the government has decided is appropriate for them.

because the government knows, you see.

the government has great foresight about what skills will be required going into the future.

the government has committed itself to people becoming sicker and sicker and sicker and living for longer and longer with less mobility / capacity to protest against being experimented on.

so... they want to increase the number of scientific researchers who want to do experiments on immobilised people who nobody cares about.

its all very understandable.

the great plan.

it's terrific, isn't it that the governmetn is trying to force everyone to do things they don't want to do...

before they even bother *asking* people what they want to do.

they go 'too many people want ot do medicine so we need to limit the number of places'.

then why don't they make it graduate entry. presently people train to do medicine and end up working in non-clinical roles in the government and so on. they were a waste of a training place. if they had have done a different undergrad degree they would have been better qualified for their current jobs. all they did was prevent someone clinical from doing that. (of course that's the point).

they intentionally try and get everybody wanting to be a doctor.

that's why our national programme is Shortland Street.

that's why.

it *educated* several generations on what it *is* or what it *means* to be a doctor in NZ. in the public hospitals. that's a factor that inspires or motivates people to want to work in the hospitals in NZ. it's often the most significant exposure to what is behind people saying they want that career path / trajectory.

it's all just an elaborate set up.

nobody saw it coming?

yeah, right.

all the conceived in alchohol and born into oxygen deprivation raised being beat about the head in the name of national sport longitudinal study of how low can we go wouldn't blind people to the obvious.

all the stuff in the water...




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