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Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:21:18

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 15:08:57

stem cell research anyone?
nz is one of the only countries where the ethics board will allow it.

do you want to do research on old people?
people who have been kept immobilised in aged care institutions / hospitals?
people who can't give informed consent?
people who can't have their screams of protest heard?

nz was in the process of having laws changed so that people could experiment on old people who were incapable of giving informed consent. the idea was they were incapable of refusing to give informed consent and so we should thereby regard their consent to be implied.

it was some american person who seemed to be trying to get that pushed through.

i don't know what that was about.

what she testing to see if anybody in the centre for applied ethics at Otago would speak out / up and say that experimenting on people when they had not given informed consent to participate in the experiment was wrong?

was it the UN or someone seeing whether they could do business with NZ or how badly corrupted things were, here?

or would the University really have fired anyone who spoke out / who spoke up?

i said that i did not agree that they should allow people to experiment on people against their consent. i also said that if they really were going to change the law in that direction... they should allow people to make some kind of advance directive of their will to be known. so that people could say when they had their faculties in tact 'I DO NOT CONSENT to be a participant in scientific research once I lack the capacity to scream out in protest' or similar.

nobody liked that suggestion.

it was a set-up?




it's easier to have an abortion than to have access to birth control, often.

how else you think we are going to get the stem cells etc?

they ask people's permission before taking placentas and the like?

hahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahaha course they don't.

opportunism and all that.

anyone might think that we are trying intentionally to produce foetal / infant birth tissue. with our high birth rate.

and our infant mortality rate.

anyone might think that we like caserian births because the father isn't present and the mother is anesthetised. all the better to take samples from... to infect infants with.... to do whatever we want. basically. see what variants of HPV do over the long term... and so on...

how low will we go??

will our government look after the interests of the people?

or did foreign business only install them... in some kind of an... exhiit. for getting people to comply with our people have no value.

not according to me.

according to the way we treat them / allow them to be treated / force them to be treated / force them.

steal from

refuse to listen to

experiment on





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