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Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:30:52

In reply to Re: me me me me me the great leader!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:18:44

and they don't sign the students off

one year of research completed in 2018 -- where is my f*ck*ng degree?

and they don't process the applications

they don't process teh applications to medical school

to public medical school

where the students are students in the public hospitals

where the studnets pass themselves off as specialist consultants in the public hospitals (with little supervision) after 6 years of study (with no prior degree required)

when there is wrongful death and wrongful death and sexual violation and gross misconduct

when there is not much hand sanitiser being ordered at all
when there are few to no uniforms (just throw your laundry in with your families laundry)
when there are few to no fit tested masks

when the hospitals pay people who lie about who they are (impersonate someone with medical degrees) when the hospitals employ people who aren't qualified

(waikat hospital at least 2 x in the past 20 years employing psychiatrists who were frauds / phoneys)

do you want to know how many years they got away with being frauds / phoneys?

on payroll?

involuntarily detaining people against their will...
discharging people who go on to commit suicide.
mostly suicide.

and they are only the couple who got caught.

most of them don't get caught.


cheap cheap cheep cheep cheeeeeeeeeeep

how low can we go?

no no no no no you can't study medicine in NZ, silly girl!!!

you didn't bribe us enough.

you didn't have the grand plan on how you were going to make that bribe money back (with interest) by selling hospital supplies and biological materials like tumors or blood plasma or antibiodies from blood plasma...

making prion diseases.

and the like.

silly silly girl.

we only hire those people. those are the people who look us deep into our eyes and go 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i looooooooooooooooove you'.

'i will work for no pay!'

'i wil do operations without washing my hands and turn a blind eye to the fact you were too cheap to run the sterailisers properly or hire competent staff'

'i will turn a blind eye to how the people doing the operations are people paying to do them from overseas. rich people who... want ot do that. yo know. some people wnat to buy a child for porn slavery and some others want to cut into people. some people just roll like that'

land of opportunity, right here.

take what yo ucan for as long as you can because you can

it's the great plan

it's how we ensure progress is slow, slow, slooooooooooooooooow, slower than slower than slow

how low will we go?

it's interesting what the government is trying to sell to the people abuot why we can't have vaccines for some time yet.

what did we contribute to their developoment, again?
whatever happened to our mighty research leaders and their vaccine research that they were doing prior to Covid?
oh. we were just going to throw an endless succession of monehy at them to ensure that no vaccines would ever be produced to market.
not in NZ.

i do wonder quite a lot whether our leaders are carefully selected by overseas in an act of stabotage. espionage. or similar.

i mean... if the UK and the US and so on didn't want to work to be better they could just try and ensure that things were worse for everybody else... overseas and the like...

they acknowledge our leaders as leaders.

i mean to say.

Harvard just acknowledged NCEA as a qualification they recognise.

That means they bear some responsibility for the quality of the NCEA questions. whether history only passes the racists and so on.




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