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me me me me me the great leader!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 14:11:27

me me me me me
all the things for me
me first
me me me
watch me lead

i get the vaccine first!!!
me me, me me me
i am the great leader
leading by example

i lead by example with all the money too
me me, me me me
me me me me, me me me me me
listen to me
me me
me me me me me

i get all the things first in the name of 'equity'
we call it 'leading by example'
we pick out one or two or three
(me me me me me)
to 'lead by example'
me me, me me me

we need the 'get vaccinated' message to not be seen to be coming from the government

so the government is going to employ 'community leaders'

and those 'community leaders' will say:
what they are told.


know what doesn't happen:

(1) assess the will of the people.

how does that work:

(Q) if you were offered a vaccine in the next 6 months would you take it?

(A) the people who say 'yes!' -- how many of them are there?

we don't even know. we are too busy playing this game:

(2) leaders decide on a situation whereby an elite minority have their rights respected and the vast majority have their rights disrespected.

(Q) how are we going to prevent getting vaccine to people who want one, and get vaccine into people who don't want one?

(A) we will withhold vaccine from the people who are sure / certain they want one (unless they are 'community leaders' me me meme meme me (aka the elite minority e.g., CEO's of hospitals who don't even see patients) and we will simultaneously engage in a large campaign of parading these people around as 'leaders' in some attempt to co-erce people into having vaccines when they don't want them.

(A) of course it's the Australians who are big on forcing people to vaccinate against their will (only when poor). E.g., refusing to allow unvaccinated at PUBLIC ONLY schools or refusing CENTRELINK (welfare) payments if people won't vaccinate...

(A) of course most other nations won't do the heavy-handed version of forced compliance that AUstralia will. But they will parade the CEO's and the like as 'leaders' who 'get vaccinated first' because of some weak and pathetic excuse about how they need to be seen to be leading by example or whatever in the government strategy of attempting to force people to comply with it's will. con. swindle. persuade. mob up on.

(A) it really is just about power. about people forcing other people to comply with their will. not becuase they genuinely think they know better than the people what is good for the people, even. but simply because... they can. they are. they are getting away with it.

could be be any better at being any worse?

i don't even see us trying.

not even a teensy tinsy bit.




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