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Re: stove top espresso

Posted by alexandra_k on October 26, 2013, at 16:12:41

In reply to Re: stove top espresso alexandra_k, posted by Partlycloudy on October 26, 2013, at 8:06:38

> That's like ours! We don't use soap on the inside bits, just a really good rinse.

Yeah, that is what I thought. That is what people are telling me. I just don't quite get it because I know that if you aren't super-careful to wash out vats etc that store coffee then it tastes bitter - something about rancid coffee oils. I don't understand why brewing equipment isn't similar. I know that (once) when I ran out of dishwashing detergent and just rinsed my glass plunger with hot water the coffee I made in it tasted foul. I do wash out teapots with soapy water. I have come to learn that most people don't... I don't udnerstand how that doesn't affect the taste...

I guess it must be something to do with the metal that makes it different... Which is what makes me a little cautious about purchasing a store brand. In case they went cheap on the particular metal they are using... It sounds the same and smells the same, though. It would be odd to lick it in the store, yeah?

It is still cheaper than buying espresso, even with expensive beans. Admittedly, this still wouldn't stop me buying espresso. It wouldn't stop me using the french press either, actually. This would be more of a special occasion thing. Since it takes a while to make and it makes... Well... The way I like to make it involves 3 tablespoons of coffee for around a cup. Basically... This is for study emergency / Saturday mornings...

A huge part of it is just because I can. Because it isn't the sort of thing that I can do in a communal living situation without everyone thinking I'm some kind of selfish bitch (even though they have both more money than me and pay less rent than me). I mean here people started out making noises that my plunger coffee smelt good. People will accept it if I offer it to them. People won't buy it or otherwise reciprocate items of comparable value, though. I'm not going to provide the whole house with coffee... I continue to use my plunger - taking it off to my room as soon as I've poured the water in. Taking 20 minutes to brew the machine on the slow electric stove would send people running from several houses over lolz.

At the very least I couldn't quietly read the paper or listen to the birds or whatever taking any pleasure of anticipation from the growing smells...

Tragedy of the commons indeed.

Oh, I am going to enjoy this, f*ck yeah!

But yeah... I am going to have to see about a grinder...

(PS you can't grind basil into pesto with a grinder. Not really. But not though lack of trying)




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