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Re: stove top espresso

Posted by alexandra_k on August 15, 2014, at 17:41:37

In reply to Re: stove top espresso, posted by alexandra_k on August 15, 2014, at 17:26:18

well, there is a new zoology textbook - but it is a first edition. it really reads like one. some sections really very heavily borrowed from other books. animal physiology, in particular, seems focused on describing how animals deviate from us. still very focused on mammals.

more recent editions of "Campbell's Biology" is heaps better. But our library stocks the edition from 2009.

if there is one thing i learned from philosophy of biology it is that birds are very closely related to reptiles. fairly sure that was from a philosophy of biology text around 2007... not sure why the biology textbooks we have don't even seem to have gotten to that...

anyway... whatever... i'm just grumpy because the class i'm enjoying the least is demanding the most time right now. that test is worth 33% whereas physics is only 10% and law has plussage...

looking ahead in the biology coursebook... looks like the style of teaching isn't going to be getting any better for me... i don't entirely know what to say. possibly the thing to do is to focus on the textbook reading...

i would rather be spending time on physics. i think law will have to take a backburner right now. which will make her pissy. she... who rules with something like an iron fist. i like her plenty. she's motivating... she reminds me the guy i tutored ethics for over in the US... i can't put the time into the course that i... should. in some sense. that i *would* if getting into law school were my top priority. which seems fair... but i think she is... puzzled... about why i won't join a tutorial group... and help her budding lawyers. i think that is it. i'm fairly sure she wouldn't really understand about the stress thing on my part... i mean... her focus is solely on extracting the best work from them that she can get. i... well... my priorities are different.

they (the grapevine) weren't kidding when they said steer clear of law as general ed.




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