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Re: interesting questions! sar

Posted by Wendy B. on October 4, 2001, at 11:18:42

In reply to Re: Sar-please read, posted by sar on October 3, 2001, at 22:12:27


just a quick note, gotta fly!

the depo suggestion is on the right track, i think, for the suicidal PMS issue. the GYN drs can prescribe you a pill that will guarantee a bleed for abt 4-5 days every 28 days. it will help, i'm positive. and i'm on the same med-profile as you (wellbutrin/happy pill - you: prozac; xanax as needed for anxiety - you: klonopin, same drug family; neurontin for both of us). plus i take a pill for the bleed. it's a nice light flow (i was initially prescribed it because i was bleeding too much each period). mine's called mircette.

anywhoo, don't worry your little texan self about girl questions: whomever doesn't want to read can just close the window and move on...!

the cervix question: yes, a dr told me that and i've read it. the more he knocks on the cervix, the more your tendency to UTIs will go up. also, just the more you 'do it,' the more likely you are to get a UTI. people at the emergency room have seen it millions of times: they call it honeymooners' bladder infection. another thing: you would have to drink gallons of cranberry juice every day to stop the infections from coming on. buy the cran/urinary tract herbal remedies at the local health-food store, ask the people who work there which one they recommend, each pill gives you a ton more than the juice.

i do think some partners have a tendency to give you more infections. he ALSO has to pee before sex. you wash after. he washes after if you want to do it again. (are we getting intimate here yet??? sheesh...) the suggestion abt rubbers is ok, although some people are allergic to or sensitive to the latex. it can irritate the hell out of already-irritated skin/genitalia. rubber gloves, to me, are a total turn-off, but to each her own...

all of this is assuming that you KNOW each of you doesn't have an STD, of course, goes without saying.

lots of the L-word,


> Gracie,
> thanks for the advice...a friend of mine gained about 15 pounds on Depo, and another completely lost her sex drive (loss of libido is one of the most commonly reported side-effects from Depo-Provera).

> i actually like getting my period, i welcome it. i didn't strat 'til age 16, and i've never been regular, so i'm like *grateful* and happy whebever i get it. it just comes as such a surprise 'cos i never know when it's going to come, so i think i'm a cring potbelliedsuicidal hermit and then WHAM a few days later i'm okay....
> i think i'm prone to bladder infections (or urinary tract infections) when i'm sexually active, but pads are such a *mess*....heh heh, PSB, Las Chicas et al, why the hell not discuss... i don't get infections unless i'm active, otherwise tampons are no problem. LETS' BE FRANK HERE, EH?! :)
> can i ask a question? this is a question froma young'un, grrls, womyn, ladeez, whoevahs...can i ask this? okay, if you're shy, hide your eyes. go on to another post.
> i *knew* you wre curious, fucker. okay, do you feel your cervix being hit? does that contribute to bladder/UI infections? when my cervix is hit sometimes it feels good and sometimes awful.
> JEEZUS....!!! thank god we're a smal lil anonymlus supporive group, n'est-ce pas? looking forward to frank responses.
> sar




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