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what is going on with our vaccine roll-out?

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:08:53

In reply to What is going on in Timaru???, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 21:47:52

The day I became eligible I booked the first available day and time.

I got sent a text to acknowledge. I did not get sent a code.

My first appointment isn't until October. But apparently 70 something per cent of eligible people in Auckland have had one vaccination.

So how did they jump the cue, then?

Apparently 'priority codes' were sent out to people.

A lot of people were saying they got sent 'priority codes' and 'invitations to book' before they were actually eligible. As in, some people were complaining about this. That the government wasn't doing it properly. Saying they weren't going to jump the cue. They were going to wait for their turn.

But various other people were taking their 12 year olds along to vaccination drive-throughs before the first booked appointment for over 40 was made available in rural urban centres (where they want athe adults to die, likely, because if they haven't made it into the mansions of the surrounding suburbs we want them dead -- right?)

And apparently people just got sent these private invitation codes so they could pack the cars full of all their friends and smaller relations...

And this is apparently how it is that more than 70 per cent of eligible people in Auckland have had one vaccination already.

And I call...


The government says that you can bring your booked appointment forward... But I didn't get a code with my booking to do that. So I can't. And if I try and book an earlier appointment it says I have an appointment so I can't book an earlier one.

I am likely supposed to phone the magical hotline number and suck up to some person on the other end who will use their special magical powers to choose me! choose me! choose me! give me a priority booking code pick me! pick me new zealand!

But I'd rather just book. Like you are supposed to do. In the civilised world. You know. You don't have to spend your life sucking up for special this and special that and we choose to choose because we like your smile and Spread your legs for Covid and...

People are calling out how people are travelling around on... Apparently MPs are writing letters of 'essential worker travel exemption' and the law society is giving lawyers ones (for court appearances they are saying -- now the law society is trying ot make it seem that everyone else is doing it to cover their *ss*s for the fact that 'essential court business' is happening via AVL via AVL via AVL people aren't in the courts for 'essential court business' nobody needs to be.

they were giving saline...

they were imposing restrictions so severe as to make criminials of us all.l that was the point. then we would all 'yessir yessir anything you say sir' and it would be all understood that everybody was breaking the rules. to make us all complicit in being hypocrit rule breakers.

that makes sense of so much of the mixed messaging signals. about the road works and so on. they intentionally have all these stupid instructions and stupid rules so that you area fool for following them...

so it comes down to blinking stupid blinking eyes and pleading for special exemption just for you...

and things are too corrupt here for the most basic of things to function.




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