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court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:19:08

In reply to what is going on with our vaccine roll-out?, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:08:53

so it's hard to find a straight answer.

it seems that the judgment is delivered...

and then only if the parties are not in agreement do the courts issue a judgment on costs. the default is each party covers their own -- unless something different is agreed. but if parties cannot agree then a party can ask the courts to issue a judgment.

i informed the respondents that i intended to take the high court judgments to the court of appeal. so... let the costs fall where they lie until things are heard on appeal.

the respondents told the courts that we did not agree on costs. so the courts issued a judgment that i was to pay the costs.

so now i have 2 judgments for every case. the main judgment and the costs judgment.

each of those is apparently a new filing in the court of appeal. so the case load or number of cases has doubled because the high court refused to issue a judgment saying costs should be reserved until the issue was resolved thorugh the courts. Instead the courts chose to issue judgment making more work for me. doubling the number of cases i have to appeal.

so now the filing fees for the court of appeal are double what they would be if the courts had have said the costs were reserved until the matter was resolved.

the courts also chose to issue an order saying I was to pay more than $7,000 in security for costs to have each of the cases heard on appeal.

Usually security for costs is something that one of the parties asks for when they think the other party won't pay costs if they lose. but the party didn't ask for the courts to do this. the courts took it upon themselves to issue orders saying I pay, effectively $14,000 per high court case (x2 judgments per case).

so i need to file an application that they waive that. and the registrar declines it but i can appeal that (to the same registrar within 20 days) and the registrar declined it but i can appeal that (to the same registrar within 20 days )and the registrar declines it so I can appeal and then it goes to the judge and the judge says 'no'.

so then i need to pay $1,100 in filing fee for each of the cases (or apply to have it waived, right, but more disbursements for the courts) to be heard by the supreme court!!!

what is the supreme court hearing?

the decision of the court of appeal to refuse to hear the case on appeal because I wasn't able to pay security for costs that they chose to impose upon me otherwise they refuse to hear the case.

what nonsense is this?

oh, but we aren't at the supreme court hearing stage yet.

i submitted an application (for 3 of the 7 cases -- still waiting on registrars of judges from the court of appeal on the other ones) for the supreme court to re-consider preventing the case being heard on appeal by declining security... and they sent a letter saying I had 10 days to lodge an application.

riiiiiiiight. i was applyilng to apply!!!! yeeeeees. that must be it.

i was applying to apply for the application to apply to....

what kind of garbage nonsense is this f*ck-tard land of new zealand

nobody here

nothing home




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