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Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:36:33

In reply to Re: court costs up up up up up and away!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2021, at 22:27:21

and the only reason we have medical doctors at all is because of international laws on things...

cause of death.

psychiatric assessment (criminal defence context)

psychiatric hospital (vs prison for detaining people against their will in government institutions)



you get the idea.

but increasingly we won't allow international community into these things. we won't hire people who can do these things to international standards.

we will only allow people prounce the cause of death if they go 'of course Jacinda Ardern was right when she said that this death was unrelated to vaccination and that this other death was of natural causes in the prisons and this other death was suicide, of course).

and we ill only allow people who sign off on what administration has decided... Let's see that one is 'lock down' so you say the 3 magical things you say for the legal definition of psychosis and you get up in tehir face to try and provoke self-defence which means you are legally enttitled to take them down to the ground and stab tehm in their eyees with rusty needles full of olanzapline.


you get the idea.

on who gets to be medical doctor in new zealand.

and why.

and the idiots who are really running the show...

ruining things for us all...

mighty masters oh leaders of the rubbish...

the cricket team was in danger going into pakistan.

the world is in lock-down didn't yuo know?

oh. you thought you were special. the nz government gave you pass-ports to do whatever you want whenever you want because you want..

maybe don't try that one in pakistan.


the nz government can't keep accurate health records. any accurate records.

the paper records are terrible...

it really is just an exercise to see just how much the govenrment of nz is willing to sell out the health of it's people.

isn't it.

how many vaccines they have sold on the black market.

how many counter-fit they have obtained.

how much they are watering down the doses... giving people saline..

is it any wonder the developed world won't acknowledge NZ vaccine passports. they will require us to be vaccinated again. by someone authorised to give vaccination.

nz qualifications and trainings don't count because they don't mean anything.

nobody gives a sh*t what the new zeealand government hsa to say.

a government that trades away the health of it's people is not a legitimate government.

nobody votes for the ADMINISTRATION that DOES NOT CHANGE.

parliament is just a... farce. to distract and detract from the ADMNISTRATION WHICH DOES NOT CHANGE




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